Town Elects New Mayor: a Dog.

By | November 9, 2008

The election for mayor of Rabbit Hash, Ky. went to the dogs, again.

Lucy Lou was elected mayor on Tuesday. The border collie beat out another dog, Toby, and a cat, Travis to take the position vacated when Junior Cochran died two days before his 13th birthday.All told, 10 dogs, one cat, one possum, one donkey and one person vied for the top spot in the Boone County community along the Ohio River. The election wasn’t without controversy. On the Rabbit Hash General Store Web site, a friend of Travis claimed that he won the popular vote but “it was just that the other candidates had more money.” – wlwt

How in the world does this town get done all of the important things a town Mayor must do like… uh… um… Oh. Good idea, really.

Check out the Rabbit Hash web site: “Yup, our Mayor’s a Dog.


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