Tourist shoots ‘UFO’ in Penang

By | May 8, 2006

Tourist shoots UFO in Penang

Was Penang visited by aliens on Tuesday?

Could the object in the picture be an Unidentified Flying Object? These are among the questions raised after the object was captured on film by a guest at the Paradise Sandy Beach Resort in Tanjung Bungah on Tuesday.

The Australian tourist was photographing the sunrise around 8am from the balcony of his hotel room when he caught the object on film.

The tourist, who wished to remain anonymous, only realised the presence of the object a day later, when he was checking out. – nst


A confidential Ministry of Defence report on Unidentified Flying Objects has concluded that there is no proof of alien life forms.

You gotta love the caption “Meteors may have been responsible for some UFO sightings” directly under this photo:

This is most likely a german UFO. See our article.

The man who broke into the US Govt. computers (he says they just had blank passwords and he wasn’t much of a super hacker) had this to say, “meanwhile secretive parts of the secret government are sitting on suppressed technology for free energy.” – more

I tend to agree, but you have to consider WHY they are suppressing the technology. Just look around. We can’t HANDLE unlimited power. We’d probably destroy ourselves in the first few months if the Zero Point or other energy secrets were revealed.

After years of research into UFOs, that’s my own conclusion. They are doing the right thing because humans are too immature and violent to be given the gift of free energy.

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