Tough love ‘is good for children’

By | November 8, 2009 brought up according to “tough love” principles are more successful in life, according to a study.

The think tank Demos says a balance of warmth and discipline improved social skills more than a laissez-faire, authoritarian or disengaged upbringing.

It says children aged five with “tough love” parents were twice as likely to show good character capabilities.

Report author Jen Lexmond said: “It is confidence, warmth and consistent discipline that matter most.”

Life chances

According to the report, qualities such as application, self-regulation and empathy were more likely to be developed in children whose parents employed a “tough love” approach.

It found that these qualities made “a vital contribution to life chances, mobility and opportunity”.

The report said these characteristics were profoundly shaped in pre-school years.

via BBC NEWS | UK | Tough love ‘is good for children’.

I’m not sure about this study. I think the parenting style that is successful depends on the personality of the individual child.

I had what I would describe as a fourth option: an empowering style of parenting. I was asked questions about my decisions and was given observations about the best decisions. This trust brought out my natural responsible nature and helped my later success.

How were you raised? Was your parents parenting style authoritarian, “do whatever you want”, loving but firm (tough love), or empowering? Something else such as “chaotic” or “unpredictable”? How did that work out for you?

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