Tornado hampers UFO

By | July 10, 2008

A Lancashire man claims a tornado prevented a UFO from landing near where he stood.

Pat Regan claims he was nearly blown off his feet in Rufford as he photographed the tornado during a fishing trip.

When he got home he enlarged the picture on his computer and spotted the UFO. Pat told The Sun: “I noticed this weird speck. I blew it up and there it was – a UFO hovering right beside the twister.

“It’s a perfect disc shape and greenish in colour. If it was a little green man he probably took one look at the weather and thought twice about landing!” A Met Office spokesman said: “Tornados occur about 30 times a year in the UK, but it’s the first time I’ve heard of a UFO spotted close to one.” – via weirdpost

5 thoughts on “Tornado hampers UFO

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  2. Ann

    So, where’s his photo?

    Did the photographer see the UFO’s landing gear? Or, maybe “the little green man” was studying/observing the tornado while he was “hovering right beside” it?

    UK is currently enjoying a “flap” of UFO sightings.

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