Top 10 things you’d like to change with self-hypnosis

By | October 26, 2009

Top 10 things you'd like to change with self-hypnosisIf you learned how to reprogram your brain with self hypnosis and it worked beautifully, what would you do?  Here are my current top 10:

  1. Fix sore throat due to virus by boosting immune system.
  2. Permanently silence the ringing hiss in my ears from Tinnitus.
  3. Acquire absolute pitch.
  4. Stay motivated to exercise every day and get in top shape.
  5. Be able to fall asleep by midnight each night.
  6. Maximize my singing voice.
  7. Spark creativity to write hit songs.
  8. Cool, calm, anxiety free confidence at all times.
  9. Straighten my natural teeth quickly and painlessly. (my fantasy, my rules.)
  10. Reverse all inward and outward signs of aging. ( gray hair, etc. )

Yours? Remember, you can only change, improve or fix things about yourself with this tool. What skills would you acquire? Mind reading? Spoon bending? Olympic level sports abilities?

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