Told you so years ago: Viral connection to Prostate Cancer.

By | March 2, 2006

Told you so years ago Viral connection to Prostate Cancer

Read about Raymond Royal Rife who invented a super microscope in the 1930’s. He is said to have isolated a filterable virus from cancerous human tissue samples donated from the Mayo Clinic. He injected the virus into rats and they got the same cancer the humans had. He found out how to kill the virus and then later cured the cancer in rats and supposedly in humans.

His lab burned down and his notes disappeared right as he was about to present his results. Anyway, we know today that some cancers have a viral source, but when I spoke to a leading cancer doc about all cancers having a viral source, I was told that I shouldn’t pay attention to conspiracy theories. Well, I don’t dispute that there are scams using Rife’s name today, but his original research seems real and interesting. I bring this up because in the news today we now have yet another cancer with a possible viral link: Virus found in Prostate Cancer. Makes you wonder.

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