Toddler saved: man scales building to save girl from plunge

By | June 13, 2012

Zhou Chong in yellow balances on the window ledge as the girl hangs above him.Zhou Chong stretches to prop up the girl.“It was easy for me to do this”.

Those were the words of 23-year-old Zhou Chong, who scaled a building in Guangzhou, in southern China, to stop a toddler falling 20 metres to the ground.

Zhou climbed out a window and along the building to prop up the toddler, who appeared to have her head stuck in metal railings, for almost 10 minutes before she was rescued by authorities, London’s Daily Telegraph reported.

After the dramatic rescue on June 3, Zhou, who was in the city to look for a job, left before the girl’s family could thank him.

Local media tracked him down after CCTV footage of the rescue was released.

The Telegraph reported the rescue was made easier for Zhou because he had a background in construction.

“At that time I wasn’t thinking much and I wasn’t looking to gain anything. It was easy for me to do this,” he said.

Zhou was given a $7900 reward and offered a job by the local government, The China Daily reported.

Shi Qizhu, head of Tianhe district in Guangzhou, said: “Zhou saved a girl’s life and the family’s happiness regardless of his own safety. …

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Thank you, yellow spiderman.

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