Throttled again by AT&T, another excuse

By | September 28, 2012

Throttled again by AT&T, another excuseIt is almost funny how the story changes each time I call. Yesterday, I was told that the reps have no way to tell if I am actually throttled. Today, I was told that every rep I contact can see in my notes a note from the “Data Usage and Control Department” if I am throttled. So yesterday, what happened when I was at first told I was not being throttled, and was then told I was being throttled due to my account not getting reset from the previous month?

At home my “4G” speed test this morning was over 9,376 kbps download (faster than my WiFi connection actually) and 936 kbps upload, but this afternoon my speed test showed a dismal 46 kbps download and 9 kbps upload, which is typical of what I see when my phone is throttled.

I called and this time was told that I need to power off my phone each day for at least three minutes to clear the cache or it may appear that I am using more data than I am. Upon restarting, my download speed has increased to … 63 kbps (still throttled) and upload 167 kpbs.

I’m documenting this in case I go to arbitration.

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