think tank: US-war on terror increases risk of terrorist attacks

By | June 21, 2006

think tank US-war on terror increases risk of terrorist attacks

The US-led “war on terror” is increasing the risk of terrorist attacks and distracting governments from greater threats to global security such as climate change, a think-tank warned in a report…. Instead of terrorism, the report cited climate change; competition over resources; socio-economic marginalisation and global militarisation as the main threats to peace and the likely causes of future conflict.

These issues “are far more important than the current focus on the ‘war on terror'”, the authors of the 18-month study concluded. “This deeply flawed strategy is consuming hundreds of billions of dollars, creating more recruits and supporters of terrorism than it defeats and is diverting attention from threats to security that are far more serious, lasting and destructive than that of international terrorism,” the report found. – more

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