Thief Uploads Photos of Self with Stolen Phone?

By | January 13, 2009

Thief Uploads Photos of Self with Stolen Phone?Do you know this guy? Odds are, he is a criminal who stupidly uploaded his photo with a cell phone he stole … to the original owner’s account. The police just need a name in order to ask him some questions.

One man whose photos were taken with a stolen phone could be the key to learning who broke into a west Phoenix house.

When Sam Denison’s home was burglarized in the middle of an October day, the thief stole his cell phone along with other items.

  • Images: Photos Taken With Stolen Cell Phone Appear Online

Denison recently replaced the stolen Treo with a Blackberry, and Sprint told him to log onto the picture mail section of its Web site to send photos with his new phone.

To his surprise, Denison found photos of a mystery man.”I actually came to a block of photos of this individual male (I’ve) never seen before in my life (that was) uploaded a couple of days right after my house was burglarized,” he said. “(I) put two and two together and thought, ‘He took it off my Treo, which was stolen!’ “Denison said he is convinced the man in the photos, who has the word “Arizona” tattooed on his arm, may know who burglarized the house, so he turned the pictures over to Phoenix police. Police, however, said they can’t investigate the man without his name.”There’s nothing they can do with it, which is why I’m reaching out (and) going to the community looking for somebody who knows this individual,” Denison said.He asks that anyone who recognizes the man call Phoenix police at 480-WITNESS and reference case No. 2008-817-18358. – kpho

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