“They Hate our Way of Life”?

By | August 30, 2006

They Hate our Way of Life

People I know think “the terrorists” are not human. Dehumanization is a form of propaganda (a lie for political purposes) which can lead to genocide. Indeed, I’ve heard the genocidal comment that we should “just nuke the whole place”.

Hate is passed on purposefully and accidentally in many ways. For example, Rush Limbaugh the admitted drug addict is popular because he twists complicated reality into simple undertandable (but wrong) sound bites. Reality, however, is complicated. Iraq is a mess now because people with simple impaired judgement thought war was the answer. They acted on a fantasy “they will welcome us!” and that mistake is costing thousands, tens of thousands of human lives.
Yes, a small minority of Muslims DO have a bizzare bloodletting ceremony, yet all human beings, no matter what religion, get mad if you blow up their children.

Some vague thing like “hating our freedoms” isn’t causing the rage. The seeds of hate are specific. Example: The US recently provided cluster bombs to Israel which then used our US made bombs to kill innocent civilians. Over 100,000 unexploded US bombs will keep on killing for years.

The Bush administration, by providing weapons of mass destruction to the Middle East conflict, has endangered US national security by causing a new wave of tremendous hatred towards us. This makes some foreign peoples (who are also blinded by their own propaganda) wish to strike back at innocent people here in the USA. They WILL teach their children remaining to hate the US because US weapons killed one or more of their other relatives (41,000 to 45,000 Iraqi civilians currently). Gee, if some country started a war that resulted in 40,000 dead Americans do you think we’d love them?

“Israel asked Bush around August 10th for a speedy delivery of M-26 artillery rockets (dumb bombs). It seems the order went though and they started firing them in large numbers at Lebanon a few days later (the week of Aug 14-18th).”

So, do they hate our way of life? Our music? Our nice clothes? Or do they rather much more hate the way we kill them?

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  1. Dunamis

    Islam, which promotes, as does Judaism, the idea that all the people in the world were offered “the word” but turned it down. The idea means that they (the culture) produces people that believe themselves justified in finding all others to be inferior.

    Meanwhile, their religious laws (same with Jews) promote that they treat their own people with extremely fair policies that are a type of ethnic/religious socialism.

    All that amounts to something a lot like National Socialism, or Nazism. Nazis believed that other types of people were inferior and had a plan for a “fair” society for the “proper” type of person.

    This idea is nothing new, and has been going on in the mid-east for a gigantically long long time before the US existed.

    Not being religious, and being extremely liberal, I’ve had enough of fascism based on fantastic nonsense. At least Nazis had some crap science, social Darwinism, and cool designer outfits, because the mid-east has nothing culturally that any of us would want.

    In the end, I?m puzzled about how to get a mass number of people to stop believing deeply ingrained ideas, unless you kill all of the adults, or totally demoralize the people into believing that the don?t know right from wrong. I believe that a combination of this was down via the bomb in WWII.

    It?s a sad complex situation.

  2. Larry Whyte

    When I was in my training in Psychiatry in USA, there was a discussion on xenophobia.
    I asked a question to the professor,

    “Is there any culture, race, religion, nation, etc; which is not xenophobe?”

    He answered,

    ” It is a very good question. Come to think of it, no. None. I don’t know any culture, race, religion etc, that is not xenophobe.”

    A month later he called me in his office and said,

    ” Syd, you inspired me to read more on xenophobia. In the archives of psychiatry, I came across one article by someone who has mentioned that all the world problems are due to lack of desire to understand others cultures, religions, race etc.”

    Then he added,

    ” I personally have invented a term “xenophilia” (love for foreign cultures races etc). May be some day people will advance to the level of understanding things from other cultures view points. In other words they will become xenophiles. This will change the course of history in a totally different direction.”

    Time passed. I travelled around the world. I found xenophobia everywhere. He (professor) was right.No culture or nation is immune to this illness (xenophobia).

    Then I came to the Philippines, I noticed that the people here are not only not xenophobes, they are in fact xenophiles. They really love foreigners.

    I remembered my professors comment that he doesn’t know any race religion, culture, nation, etc; which is not xenophobe.

    I wish he had come to the Philippines. He would have seen the true application of his invented term “xenophilia” in the Philippines.

    By the way, in psychiatry, there is still no such term as xenophilia. I wish someone introduce it.

  3. Larry Whyte

    John seville wrote:
    Thank you Syd for enlightening us about the Xenophobia. As ever I love to read your comments. I also find these very thought provoking. I agree with you entirely on the issue of hate being propagated by hate. It all stems from our ignorance of not knowing other races and cultures. Some people are still ignorant and strongly believe that there are races superior than others even at this day and age. You are absolutely right. They are the Xenophobes and also the cause of all our world problems.

    After reading your comments on xenophobia, I went to the library and got a book on xenophobia. I leaned a lot from it. I have to admit, I myself used to be a xenophobe. I also believed at one time (not long ago) that people from my race were superior. But I do not believe it any more.

    I hope more people from Caucasian race come to term with their xenophobia. It will be a much better place to live for them as well.

    In this day and age you cannot call any race superior or inferior. Yes some races have more advantages (like white race) over the others but deep down they are all the same.

    Please keep up the good work of enlightening us from your well educated mind. Many thanks.

    Posted by: “Syed Shahid” syedshahidmd@yahoo.com.au syedshahidmd Sat Aug 25, 2007 9:07 pm (PST) What really makes me puke is when someone singles out one nation, one religion or one race. It is disgusting to read such letter. First of all no nation, race, religion nor ethnicity (culture) is superior or inferior.

    Secondly there are good and bad people in every nation. To single out Filipinos as if all the Filipinos are bad is a sign of extreme ignorance on the part of the writer of such hateful letter.

    Here are the few things he wrote which reflects his ignorance,

    “Are they really Asian? Well we’ve come to accept the fact the Filipinos
    come from a part of the world known as South East Asia . But the term
    ” Asia ” is used in the wrong way. You may notice that contemporary
    Filipino Americans try very hard to associate themselves with groups that we know as Asian. ………”

    Asia is a big continent. It includes more than 50 nations from East Turkey to Japan. Philippines is a part of Asia. Therefore, Filipinos are Asians. If anyone associates only Japanese Chinese and Koreans as Asians, that simply reflects his own ignorance about continental geography.

    Another thing which struck me to respond to is,

    “I understand that you are trying to create an identity for yourselves
    as young people… but it is NOT related to Asia . Your Identity is
    That’s all you are. Just Filipino. Think about what that means…. ”

    It is true Filipinos don’t have a distint Identity. That is to say “The Identity” as most people associate identity with. But having no identity in itself is a unique identity. I personally commend Filipinos for this. I wish no one had any identity. People stereotype identities.

    All the world problems today stem from hanging on to some form of ethnic, national, racial or cultural identity.

    Can someone tell me what is the purpose of identity except making a stereotypical statue of our ancient history based upon our dark ignorance of other’s cultures, religions, race, history and geography?

    I know no one has any answer to that. I have challenged wise men like Art Bell all my life to answer this question. I even offered million dollars if anyone can answer this question realistically (without any bias and xenophobia). No one has won this lotto yet. And I know no one ever will because no one has a genuine answer.

    I have travelled all over the world (Britain, almost all European countries, countries of African continent; North, Central and South America, Australia, Almost all Asia, including Japan, China and S. Korea).

    Of all the countries in the world I find Filipinos (in general) are the best people. I have never felt any discrimination of any kind here (thanks to their lack of any identity).

    That is why I decided to live in the Philippines and chose to have a family and raise my family here.

    In my opinion any one who degrades Filipinos and the Philippines in any way only shows his ignorance of knowledge of history, geography, cultures and ethnicity. He/she is also unaware of the “greatness and uniqueness of mixing of identities”.

    Most importantly he/she is suffering from a psychological illness called “xenophobia” .

    In humanity xenophobes has no place. They are disgusting and worth puking at.

    3a. a discussion
    Posted by: “John seville” johnseville2007@yahoo.com johnseville2007
    Date: Mon Aug 27, 2007 8:21 pm ((PDT))

    a discussion Dave, may be you don’t like the discussion because you are a xenophobe like most people.

    You are calling Arabs idiots and want them to kill each others. Hitler thought of Jews the same way. Hitler was a racist and xenophobe. He would have been very happy if all the Jews have killed each other like the Iraqis are doing to each other in Iraq. It would have saved him a lot of trouble. He (Hitler) should have taken a lesson from George W.Bush on,

    “How to perform a genocide without taking the blame.”

    Yes I agree with you. Hard work and education definitely put you in an advantageous position. But I also believe it is much more than that.

    In USA people still have all the opportunities, hard work and education. But the country is going down the drain thanks to the leadership of our idiot president (George W. Bush). All the hard work done by our forefathers (Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln and many more) is all being wasted by this one bad apple who has brought the country to its knees (economically, politically, militarily and in foreign relations).

    Image of USA today is looked upon as a monster and war monger country. Our country is hated by almost all foreign nations except a few of our puppets (Britain, Australia and coalition of the willing). Even in those puppet countries people don’t look at us with respect.

    It is the leadership Dave, “The Leadership”, which determines the superiority or inferiority of a natio

  4. Anonymous

    Syed Iqbal hussain Shahid MD doctor has lost his medical license in the alleged sexual assault of a patient during her visits to his office for physical exams and chest pain treatments. Advertisement The Medical Board of California revoked the license of Dr. Syed Iqbal hussain Shahid MD after an administrative law judge condemned him for abusing the trust of his patient. The board accused syed iqbal hussain shahid, committing multiple sex acts on the 21-year-old patient in july 1995 in Holly family medical clinic Inglewood. Doctor was practicing Psychiatry and neurology Certificate # A29997.
    “The revocation of Dr. syed iqbal hussain shahid license is the only measure of discipline that will adequately protect the public,” Judge James Ahler wrote in his recommendation to the board.

    Dr. syed shahid, who had been licensed in California since March, 12, 1976, and about july 1995 he was accused by the medical board of sexually assaulting the woman during two visits, she was employee in his clinic, according to the board’s decision adopted from the administrative law judge’s recommendation.

    She had been the man’s doctor since she turned 18 and the doctor of the man’s family for years, according to the decision. Doctor told women if you have any problem see me. Doctor gave her job in his clinic.

    It was during a visit July. 3, 1995, Patient become ill and she have chest pain. She told doctor about her symptom, and doctor took her in examination room. Doctor take her shirt and bra. Dr. syed shahid forced sex, grab patient breast and start sucking her nipple according to the decision.
    during the processure he was breathing hard; he was sweating. His shirt was all wet he scared patient and force for sex. Patient was pink doctor told patient “this is part of proccedure and we will continue same proccedure tomarrow.
    The woman did not say anything about the assaults because she thought her mother wouldn’t believe her, and she went to college . A few months later, she told her sister what had happened, the decision said. Women didn’t want to see doctor shahid anymore, and she quite job. Dr syed shahid MD was scared and he try contect with patient.

    When she returned, patient police had her call Dr. syed shahid and secretly tape record the conversation. In the conversation with syed shahid MD said: “I did cross the line,” according to the decision, this was part of processure in psychiatry.

    No criminal charges have been filed against syed shahid because of insufficient evidence, according to a spokesman for the District Attorney’s Office.

    Although Syed iqbal hussain shahid MD and his attorney did not return calls for comment, the doctor’s defense essentially was that the woman was not a credible witness and should not be believed, according to the decision.

    “It was claimed that the events could not have taken place as (the woman) described them unless (she) consented in some fashion to a sexual relationship; by her own admissions (she) did not make any effort to resist the alleged assault and she did not mention anything to anyone until more than a month had passed,” the decision said.

    Further, Syed iqbal hussain shahid MD argued that the woman had a motive to lie because of a civil lawsuit she is planning to file against of him. During March 1997, Medical board investigate about respondent and try to contect Dr. syed Iqbal hussain shahid MD, he sold his office address is 433 North 4th street.,Suite 211, Montebello CA 90640, and Holly family medical clinic Inglewood and left no address. Medical board of California director Don Joseph Revoked his license A29997 and phycian assistant supervisor license on 1/29/1998 for sex with patient,gross negligence, sexual misconduct,felony,and sex act.

  5. public record

    SYED I. H. SHAHID, M.D., INC. Available 433 N 4th street suite 211 Montebello, CA Dr.Syed Iqbal Hussain SHAHID, SYED Iqbal shahid MD
    SHAHID, SYED I H following business(es):

    SYED I. H. SHAHID, M.D., INC. in Montebello, CA
    Family Practice..Psychiatry and Neurology


  6. Syed Iqbal Hussain Shahid MD

    Syed iqbal hussain shahid MD argued that the woman had a motive to lie because of a civil lawsuit she is planning to file against of him

  7. Larry whytemann

    What Dr Shahid’s personal life got to do with xenophilia? You must be highly xenophobic to become personal.


  8. terry Olson MD

    The information put on this site about Dr Shahid is incorrect, false and a fabrication.

    I know this because I also worked in the same clinic. The said patient was not Dr Shahid’s or any other physician’s patient in Holy Family Medical Clinic.

    To establish a Dr patient relationship you need four basic requirements. This is customary in any clinic in USA. Family Holy Medical Clinic was no exception.

    1. A biodata sheet has to be completed by the patient securing his name, age, sex, address, mode of payment, etc.

    2. A contract has to be signed by the patient promising to pay the clinic its fee schedules.

    3. A medical chart has to be made in which patients purpose of visit to the clinic is outlined. After that physician takes history of the patient, examine the patient, writes down the findings of his exam and then describes a treatment plan for the patient.

    4. It must be emphasized that should there be need to undress the patient, a third party (an attendant) must be present in the examining room.

    This girl was an employee at Holy Family Clinic. There is no evidence that she followed through any of the four basic requirements of the clinic. There were no medical records of this girl in the clinic. No Physician was assigned to her for any treatment. She did not fall in the category of a patient in Holy Family Medical Clinic. In other words :


    If Dr Shahid took her in the examining room and started to perform the alleged sexual act, why didn’t she scream? She must be profoundly mentally retarded to think that Dr Shahid was doing the sex with her as a part of therapy. Besides there were other employees in the clinic. She was not alone. I was there too. I never heard any screams or fight. Unless it was a mutually consensual act, she couldn’t have been sexually abused by Dr Shahid.

    Anyone inflicted with such abuse would report the incidence to the authorities the same day.

    Why she took so long to file the complaint (3 – 4 months later)? And..

    Why she picked the time when Dr Shahid was out of the country attending his sick father?

    Even if all her allegations were true, this would had been a case of sexual harassment.

    This is exactly what this girl did initially. But the case of sexual harassment did not go very far due to lack of evidence.

    Her attorney then went for the jugular. He filed the case against Dr shahid to the Medical Boards. Dr Shahid was not in the country to defend himself. Medical Boards took the words of the girl without investigating the fact that she was not Dr Shahid’s or any other doctor’s patient in Holy Family Medical Clinic.

    This was a travesty and mockery of justice committed by the Medical Boards against Dr Shahid. At the most the Boards should have suspended Dr Shahid’s medical license indefinitely. That was the right thing to do since he was not in the country to defend himself.

    If intention of the Boards were to safeguard other patients from his sexual abuse, suspension of license would have accomplished this. Revoking his license was an overkill and utterly uncalled for. Medical Boards neither had the right nor jurisdiction to revoke a license (without sufficient cause), of a physician who had been in good standing for 19 years. There has never been a single complaint by any patient in all those years. His record had been meticulous, clean and impeccable.

    Justice follows “Due Process of the Law”. It means :

    1. Equal justice for all
    2. Everyone is innocent unless proven guilty.
    3. Burden of proof always lies on the plaintiff.

    Dr Shahid never got the equal justice. He was declared guilty from the outset and was not given any chance to prove his innocence. And finally the burden of proof laid on him instead on the plaintiff.

    State medical Board of California committed a serious crime against Dr Shahid. It was not only illegal but immoral on the part of the State Board to accept allegation from some unknown person (who had obviously ulterior motives), against a well known physician of good moral standing.

    When Dr shahid heard the decision of the Boards, he was appalled. But he couldn’t leave his seriously ill father unattended. To him his father was more important than the Medical License.

    After his father passed away, Dr shahid returned to California to fight his case. His attorney told him it was too late. The only way he could get his license back was to see a psychiatrist. Upon recommendation of the Psychiatrist, Board would review the case again.

    This meant that Dr Shahid has to admit that he was guilty and he had to accept the verdict of the Boards as just.

    Any respectable person would not accept this. Dr Shahid had done nothing wrong. He refused to accept the decision of the Boards. I would have done the same.

    If State Medical Board of California has any dignity it should admit its fault, apologize to Dr Shahid and give his license back to him.

    Terry Olson MD

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