There are alien bases on earth

By | July 15, 2008

Timothy Good is considered one of the world’s leading experts on the UFO phenomenon.

For more than 40 years he has studied the controversial subject, having interviewed thousands of witnesses worldwide, many from military, governmental and scientific backgrounds.

Timothy has written numerous best-selling books on UFO’s and aliens – which he calls ‘the most highly classified subject on earth’ – and has acted as a consultant to several US Congress investigations into the phenomenon.

An international lecturer, in January 1989 following the collapse of the Soviet Union, Timothy became the first UFO researcher from the west to be interviewed on Russian television.

With UFO fever sweeping Britain, Timothy Good spoke live to BBC WM on Wednesday 9th July 2008.

In highlights, Timothy discussed:

  • The explanations behind the current UFO craze sweeping Britain
  • The declassification of thousands of government documents relating to UFO’s on May 2008 and what this means
  • His belief that aliens are here on earth – in bases dotted around the planet – and how world governments have been – and may still be – in liason with them
  • How aliens have influenced the genetic makeover of human beings
  • How the west has secretly developed advanced weaponry to deal with a possible intergalactic threat
  • Famous UFO cases – including Rendlesham Forest
  • How the United States and British governments have secretly spent millions of pounds attempting to solve the UFO mystery and that it is ‘the most highly classified subject on earth’ – bbc

A few books I’ve read on the subject lead me to believe that there are human bases underground, and I have certainly read the stories of underground alien bases, but I haven’t seen any proof yet.

If you are an alien reading this, please send an alien artifact (non radioactive please) to: Xeno, PO Box 72211, Davis, CA 95617

4 thoughts on “There are alien bases on earth

  1. Ann

    I don’t know about alien bases. But, if there are alien bases on earth, perhaps there are aliens among us and maybe we just can’t see them? Maybe they survive at higher frequencies or whatever..

    At the link below are 4 photos, although the apparition in the photos is referred to as a ghost, it may just as well be an alien. (Ok, so I’m being a bit too weird, but maybe …?) The photographer said the apparition traveled 8 or 9 feet in 1.8 seconds, the time it took to snap the 4 photos.

    It’s at Café Phantom
    Stephen Wagner,–Phantom.htm

  2. stanukraine

    Dear Alienmatrix,

    Thanks for the warning, but …

    We know the forces destroying our planet, it is not a secret, it is not a conspiracy, it is not alien or mysterious. We hear them everyday, we see them in the news and we read about them in newspapers and journals. The destruction of our planet is imminent and we all know it and have known it for all time.

    Yes, we know we are doomed, but many of us care to do nothing. But, you see, it is not so much that we are a nation of people who sleepwalk with our eyes wide open, although that may describe some of us, but a nation of people who are literally bound in our places by supposed responsibilities and obligations from which we cannot escape.

    By the way, you might correct the spelling and improve the grammar at your website, if you want to enhance your credibility.

    P.S. You’re always welcome at my place.

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