The world’s five youngest billionaires (2009-2010)

By | February 27, 2010

I just got curious about this and started looking around. Forbes had some interesting things: Here is a complete list of the world’s billionaires in 2009. Youngest billionaire 2008:   Marc Zuckerberg – United States, Age: 23.

He and his friend Andrew McCollum along with two other roommates, Dustin Moskovits and Chris Hughes started Facebook. Mark is the CEO of Facebook and his net worth is said to be $1.5 billion. – link

Youngest billionaires in 2009:

Prince Albert von Thurn und Taxis

Net worth: $2.1 billion
Age: 25

“The youngest billionaire in the world is 25-year-old German Prince Albert von Thurn und Taxis, who is worth $2.1 billion. Von Thurn und Taxis first appeared on our list of the world’s billionaires at age 8, but he officially inherited his family’s fortune in 2001 on his 18th birthday. … German prince reclaims the title of world’s youngest billionaire as Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg drops out of the billionaires’ club.”


Sergey Brin

Sergey Brin

Net worth: $12 billion
Age: 35

Google co-founder continues to dominate search business despite facing strong headwinds. Company’s stock is down 30% in the past 12 months, slicing $6.7 billion from personal balance sheet. …


Larry Page

Larry Page

Net Worth: $12 billion
Age: 36

Professor’s son, heads Google’s product division. Met partner Sergey Brin in a computer science Ph.D. program at Stanford University. Duo dropped out in 1998 to start Google from a friend’s garage…


Sheik Mansour Bin Zayed Al Nahayan

Net Worth: $4.9 billion
Age: 39

Investor with hoards of cash is a member of Abu Dhabi’s royal family. Last September, he shelled out $300 million for soccer team Manchester City. One month later, he rescued British bank Barclays from possible nationalization with a controversial $5 billion cash investment.


Jerry Yang

Jerry Yang

Net Worth: $1.1 billion
Age: 40

Embattled Yahoo! co-founder quit as chief executive in January. Settled proxy contest with shareholder activist Carl Icahn for control of company. Icahn won three board seats. Yahoo! stock is down nearly 55% since original Microsoft offer last February.

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  1. Ann

    Oh, how nice. Meanwhile:

    “Minnesota to cut two health care programs for the poor” reads a title of an article by Michael Stapleton (25 January 2010)

    You know, Minnesota, home to 19 Fortune 500 companies and several billionaires.

    Get the picture?

  2. Tina

    And where are all the females in this world of the rich? or is this really a mans world when it comes to money?

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  3. N. Abdul-Illah

    Comment on 2nd reply.

    Definately, you will not see any females since men are making the money, but women are the spenders. Forget seeing any females.

    1. Vikas

      Yes miya you are right but need one lead do you have anything in your mind, so pls tell me and send the suggesation in my email id.

      1. FATUMA SAED

        I think that a man must share his fortune with his wife and give some spot lights.It is only then both males and females can feel equal and happy. Right?

  4. Ann

    Oh, how trite!

    All the comments seem to support making lots of money – the American Dream … Oh, how nice to live in a beautiful multi-room mansion by the sea, lake or woods or whatever … maybe with a Lamborghini or Rolls parked in the garage … etc., etc.

    Well, I hope you live long enough to realize your dreams if you don’t die from cancer from the 200+ industrial chemicals found in YOUR blood (as it is found in the blood of new born infants). Even cancer-causing DDT or its metabolites, which was banned in 1972 in the U.S., is STILL found in human breast milk and in animals throughout the world! (Yet some countries still use the American product – DDT, because American companies, like Union Carbide etc. make lots of money selling it – Oh how wonderful! The selfish American Dream!) About 25+ years ago 1 out of 30 women or so got breast cancer. Today its around 1 in 10 or so. But, the males shouldn’t feel left out of the “American Reality”: cancer of prostrate has has also risen in the last decades. It was only confirmed in the last decade or so, what has been known for a long time: that these chemicals often disrupt the hormonal balance in our bodies causing havoc within our bodies.

    Many of these chemicals are insecticides and pesticides which help the corporate farmer rid the soil of pests. What is farmer to do without them? How can a farmer, also realizing that wonderful American Dream, make tons of money without using tons of pesticides? Well, he can’t because the American Dream means making tons of money no matter who is killed, injured along the way.

    Of course, there are other ways of realizing the American dream. You could invest in or be part of the military-industrial-complex that has done nothing but grow in wealth and influence since the 1950s. And, that wonderful enterprise brought us the Iraqi War, which we are all led to believe was a war against terrorism (You its “terrorism” today, Communism during the Cold War, American Indians during the 1800s – American Dream always seems to need to some dead bodies to stand on to feel proud!)

    How how wonderful the American Dream, but you’ll have to build a dome over and surrounding your dream-mansion by the lake, because our planet is dying. (And I said not one word about global warming, which big business is spending money having us believe it does not exist!) Instead of thinking of your own greedy self, why don’t you think about the poverty and malnourished in the U.S. Never before in the history of humankind has there been so much malnutrition – something like 1/3 of all humans on earth.

    Peaceful Dreams …

  5. Ann

    I just have to do this: This is a note, because it took some time finding it:

    The source of my comment where I said “big business is spending money having us believe it does not exist!” [that is, global warming] is here: (Actually big business have been fund anti-global warming propaganda since the early 1990s, but here’s a recent source):

    EU: Exxon spends millions to cast doubt on warming

    by Andrew Buncombe and Stephen Castle, The Independent (UK)
    December 7th, 2006

    The world’s largest energy company is still spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to fund European organisations that seek to cast doubt on the scientific consensus on global warming and undermine support for legislation to curb emission of greenhouse gases.

    Data collated by a Brussels-based watchdog reveals that ExxonMobil has put money into projects that criticise the Kyoto treaty and question the findings of scientific groups. Environmental campaigners say Texas-based Exxon is trying to influence opinion-makers in Brussels because Europe – rather than the US – is the driving force for action on climate change.

    “ExxonMobil invests significant amounts in letting think-tanks, seemingly respectable sources, sow doubts about the need for EU governments to take action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions,” said Olivier Hoedeman, of the Corporate Europe Observatory. “Covert funding for climate sceptics is deeply hypocritical because ExxonMobil spends major sums on advertising to present itself as an environmentally responsible company.”

    It has long been known that the oil giant, which in 2005 recorded an all-time record for quarterly income, has spent millions of dollars to fund climate sceptics. Exactly how much is unknown but some estimates suggest $19m (£9.7m) since 1998.

    In its 2005 report, Mr Hoedeman’s group details payments by ExxonMobil to two organisations the International Policy Network, which received $130,000 and the Centre for the New Europe (CNE), which received $50,000.

    The Observatory suspects Exxon has also funded other groups engaged in undermining legislation. Its report said: “There is mounting evidence that many EU-focused think-tanks are heavily funded by corporations and this raises serious concerns about their agenda and their independence.” The two groups cited in the report have long been accused of denying climate change. Greenpeace’s ExxonSecret website notes that in 2004 the network issued a press release criticising the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, saying it had “intentionally exaggerated its estimates of temperature increases by using highly implausible scenarios of future growth in emissions of greenhouse gases”.

    Greenpeace also lists a 2004 posting on CNE’s website which claimed: “The Kyoto Protocol is failing because it is ineffective, costly, and unfair. It is also ‘scientifically flawed’.”

    Last year The Independent revealed how a US-based lobbying group which received substantial funding from Exxon was seeking to develop a Europe-wide network of think-tanks, journalists and major businesses to act against legislation to counter climate change. The organisation claimed its approaches had been flatly rejected.

    Kert Davies of Greenpeace said: “Europe is leading the world right now in terms of climate policy. Exxon know that if they can [enlist] lobbyists they may be able to slow things down. That is the tactic right now.”

    Such is the concern about ExxonMobil that earlier this year the Royal Society, considered Britain’s leading scientific academy, wrote to it asking that it stop funding groups that have “misrepresented the science of climate change by outright denial of the evidence”.

    Ellen Bisnath, a network spokeswoman, confirmed that the organisation had accepted $130,000 from the oil company. She said: “We are an independent think-tank and we are contributing to the scientific debate on climate change.”

    CNE’s president, Stephen Pollard, said: “We did get a payment in 2005 for a project which had nothing to do with climate change.” He said under his leadership CNE was “not in the climate change denial business”.

    In a statement ExxonMobil said: “Our support extends to a fairly broad array of organisations that research significant domestic and foreign policy issues and promote discussion on issues of direct relevance to the company.”

    What the sponsored sceptics say

    * “Now that the costs of EU environmental policies are becoming unsustainable – as the gap between the American and European rate of growth shows – “scepticism” begins to gain consideration. How long will it take to reject environmental policies that harm the economy while not making better the environment?”

    Centre for the New Europe website

    * “Some believe climate change is an exceptional environmental problem that requires global regulation. By reducing emissions now, it is said, we buy insurance against future catastrophic changes. But against what exactly is Kyoto insuring, and at what price? By itself, Kyoto will have little if any impact on the global climate.”

    International Policy Network website

    “In fact, the European Union can no longer credibly blame the United States about the current state of Kyoto. The question now is whether the European Union will accept Kyoto’s failure, and its own, and accept a more practical rethinking of the issue for the future. If not, it only has itself to blame.”

  6. aibangbee roland

    raja said i agree with. a crop of restless young generation in rising up to take over the billionnaires’ firmamant. i believe and strongly as well that black is not synonymous with lack. it is the indisputable position and the world should take note.

  7. roblo

    I’m left here thinking how long it takes me to make 80K a year. Never the less how long it will take me in my life time to earn a million. These young billionaire already have a 1,000 millions. Im definetly doing something wrong.

    1. Cheng

      Allow me to assist. It takes approximately 1 year to earn 80K at the rate of 80K/year. 🙂
      12.5 years to earn 1M.
      What you are doing wrong is wasting your time trawling the internet when you should be earning/making money.

      1. FATUMA SAED

        do you have money first of all Cheng?. Becuase only then can you know how to earn money ,it is simple maths,Roblo is only trying to ask for help.Be little more sensitive next time. IT HELPS.

    1. Cheng

      According to Forbes, there are 2 verifiable Nigerian billionaires, both of whom are older than these guys.
      They are Femi Otedola – 43 and Aliko Dangote – 53.

      And Nigerians are definately in this word…and world. I get emails from them all the time.

        1. Cheng

          You may not have to be that fly Xeno. On thursdays they have a millionaires free night. Stick a couple of months wages in your back pocket and you’ll be a Nigerian millionaire easily. 🙂

  8. Ann

    Why would you want to be a fly on the wall …. ?

    Just as Russian oligarchs or the wealthy in most other places these people are completely Western. Their tactics may differ somewhat from the wealthy in other places, but like other people of wealth, they’re out, first of all, for the big no. 1 – ME!

    Aliko Dangote alias “Chemical Ali” has a “track record is such that the notorious German warlord Adolf Hitler would grin with envy.” (“The Many Sins Of Aliko Dangote,” Nigeria News, 07 Jun 2009)

    He began as millionaire in his teens coming from a super wealthy Dangote family. He uses his connections in government circles to hurt the competition in cement, sugar, rice, salt, etc., which his many companies monopolize.

    Femi Otedola’s father was the Governor Lagos. He monopolizes diesel and kerosene in Nigeria.

    I don’t understand why wealthy people are glorified in articles like in Forbes, in shows like “Dallas,” etc., etc. To me they’re disgusting!


      do you have money first of all Cheng?. Becuase only then can you know how to earn money ,it is simple maths,Roblo is only trying to ask for help.Be little more sensitive next time. IT HELPS.



      1. Jennifer

        I could agree more Fatuma. Apologies for being so late to the party. I’d like to add a solution for Roblo and anyone who are wondering about making 80K if that’s alright.

        By having a look here and believing in the possible. It’s a lot more rewarding on so many different levels. Those were fortunate at birth. We have the luxury of designing our life, as does everyone, rich or poor. Lets make it a great one.

  9. ahamefula agulanna

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  10. Ron Renrag

    these people don’t even look young they look like they are in there 90’s. their faces are sagging and look like a got damn wild animal. this is a bunch of bullshit. these people ain’t young. they are old as hell.

    1. Xeno Post author

      What are you, 12? Prince Albert did look a bit wild in the first photo, I’ve updated it. Sorry Prince. But about your comments Ron, I say, Ha! If 25 years old is as old as hell, you are going to be miserable for the majority of your life.

      You don’t seem to understand the word “youngest”. Of two people, one who is 99 and one who is 100, the 99 year old person is the youngest.

      1. Cheng

        Actually Xeno, without wishing to appear too pedantic, of the two people you mention the 99 year old would be the younger. If his 98 year old brother turned up as well, the brother would be the youngest.

      2. Xeno Post author

        In Xenoic Quantum Precision Logic English, with a set of two people of different ages, one individual of the two is both the younger and the youngest of the two.

        But you are correct grammatically and those taking English tests should take note:
        See this, and this and this.

  11. Bayo

    Fact to know about me!!

    You are no more a kid, though not matured enough, yet certain facts that ‘er of life reality could still be comprehended for sure little committed to brain will add more to your wisdom.

    Quite a number of resources men today have been a waste.

    Not due to the fact that they have unable to make “Hay” while the sunshine but for the fact that they ‘er denied those privileges and opportunity that will make them make the hay. …. This is where you could understand better the adage that states “An opportunity lost can never be regained” simply because you can not step into the same river twice. ………………… Its unfortunate that I could be going through these Odds. Yet, if manage properly, I could still make the best out of it.

    To me its never a problem but realities of life. Why? If the rich could also cry, I wonder what the case of the poor, a bloody masses …………………. Yet this is were our glory and success uses. The only way of ours is the hard way, I just have to live the odds time, manage it to receive the amazing Grace. Sweetness follows bitterness.

    Continue Later…..


    mmakwe francis is the richest with over 400 billion dollars investment he all so has an NGO in nigeria

  13. pastor

    Make ur wealth for the health of humanity. Billions and billions without christ is Hell straight, no bribing on judgement seat. Think!!!!!

  14. pastor

    Make ur wealth for the health of humanity. Billions and billions of money without christ is Hell straight, no bribing on judgement seat. Think!!!!!

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