The Vice Presidential Debates, Biden v Palin

By | September 27, 2008

The Vice Presidential debates in five days, scheduled for Oct 2, 2008, will be interesting.

Biden has many more years of insider experience in foreign policy, and he is the current chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee.  Will Obama be an agent of change with Biden as VP? Biden lost a past presidential bid due to his plagiarism of speech almost word-for-word, given by British Politician, Neil Kinnock.

Palin seems not as smooth as she’ll need to be to handle a position of this power. Also, she does not fully understand what a Vice President does.

Hopefully she does now understand the duties of the job. This from Wikipedia:

As President of the Senate, the Vice President has two primary duties: to cast a vote in the event of a Senate deadlock and to preside over and certify the official vote count of the U.S. Electoral College. … The informal roles and functions of the Vice President depend on the specific relationship between the President and the Vice President, but often include drafter and spokesperson for the administration’s policy, as an adviser to the president, as Chairman of the Board of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), as a Member of the board of the Smithsonian Institution, and as a symbol of American concern or support. The influence of the Vice President in this role depends almost entirely on the characteristics of the particular administration. –wiki

True. If you work under G.W. Bush, for example, your job duties might include keeping public energy meeting results secret, orchestrating attacks like 9/11, the Anthrax attacksspying on Americans, outing CIA agents, shooting people (even his friends) in the face and promoting torture. I seriously doubt that Palin is “Cheney with lipstick” although environmentally she may be just as bad.

I’m looking on the bright side, no matter who wins, things have to get better than the last eight years (?)

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