The Ufo lecture by Philip Schneider that got him murdered

By | March 14, 2008

The Ufo lecture by Philip Schneider that got him murderedThe ideas are interesting. I’m fascinated by underground cities. Do we really have a secret underground bullet train that can go Mach 2, coast to coast in 1.5 hours? Are there really 131 underground bases connected by roads and maglev trains? Nine under Nellis AFB?

He claims the average underground base is 4.25 cubic miles hollowed out, 5700 feet (1.07 miles) average under ground, they cost 17 to 31 billion each, they house 1800 to 10,000 people each. Large ones in Sweden, he says, are 30 cubic miles and cost 2 trillion dollars. The UN is paying for it.

There are 11 civilizations of aliens using this planet, Schneider says. Nine are bad news, two are benevolent. He talks about one alien being a Venusian.

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Entertaining and freaky story teller, but believable? Not so much. Many things he says just don’t add up.

He says that in 1909 the US Calvary found a cave while chasing some bandits in Truth or Consequences NM. They found “horseshoe ships” and saw what they called “grey demons.” He doesn’t give any clue as to why he believes this, no source, nothing solid.

He holds up supposed material from the Roswell crash. A simple demonstration would have made it believable. The real Roswell crash material could not be burned and it returned to its original shape if crumpled. In the end he tells people they can’t touch the material. Why not?

As another example, if the government were really in the business of bumping people off to stop leaks I doubt he would have survived more than one attempt on his life. My guess is that much of his story, even the gruesome parts about his death, is science fiction.

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  1. Alien

    Please do the math.

    The proof of Schneider’s lies is in the math.

    1979 – worked at Dulce
    1947 – born
    32 – Phil’s age while at Dulce
    1981 – Last job
    1947 – born
    34 – Age when Phil ceased working (went on SSI)
    17 – Years Phil claimed he worked in government

    Subtract 17 from 34.

    17 years old is how old he would have been when he went to work in the government. Where are his college years in those 17 years? There aren’t any however, he claimed to be an Aerospace Engineer, Structural Engineer, Geological Engineer.

    Because of his death, his social security records are available. It tells all and he worked for the Army Corp of Engineers is all, just like countless others that were hired to dig tunnels so that our military could go underground and not have other countries witnessing their business via satellite.

    1. Doc Piper

      Most curious, is that Schneiders Story is exactly the same as some that came out during the 1950’s, and in the 80’s by Canadian Officials, and Now by the NSA defector. None of whom knew each other. Not to mention people like Nixon who told the jackie Gleason family. Everyone cannot be a liar?

  2. gov-worker

    ummm to be honest with you mate if the government wanted to make people like you believe otherwise, they sure have the technology and capable capacity to do so, i myself have witnessed a venusian crew and there ships, of most types. i believe the world will soon be theres,and only those that choose there loyaltys to them will be spared, or not.. keep your eyes to the stars

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