The two party illusion

By | October 16, 2008

The two party illusion

I tend to agree with Ben Tanosborn:

… Today’s Republicans do not stand for the old conservative values of fiscal responsibility and efficient government; nor can Democrats be cast as the proponents of progressive ideas and hope for lower and middle classes. When will all these myths be debunked?

Reality tells us that both Democratic and Republican parties are just two parallel lanes in the track leading to power and wealth – not just for politicians, but for those who sponsor their election. Both are just factions of one party at the right of the political spectrum: the Capital-First Unity Party. Neither has to do with conservatism or liberalism, only self-serving egocentrism and wealth-gathering. No need to belabor on that self-evident truth. Our founding fathers chose not to give us a participatory democracy, giving us instead a representative democracy, one that has broken down and is in need of a complete overhaul. The assumption we follow is that government’s reason for being is to serve people, all people. Today, that’s far from being the case. … – populistAM

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