The Raelians Target Las Vegas for a UFOland

By | June 5, 2009

The Raelians Target Las Vegas for a UFOland

The Raelian Movement is announcing plans to build a UFOland in Las Vegas where visitors can attend a Happiness Academy and see a full-size replica of a UFO.

Raelians believe that humanity was created by extraterrestrial scientists and they want to share their belief with visitors to Las Vegas. They will also host a museum and a 1000-seat theatre where their spiritual leader, Rael, will give lectures.

“The museum will display all the evidence we’ve gathered for the past 35 years that shows we were indeed created by scientists — highly advanced human beings from another planet,” said Ricky Roehr, leader of the North American Raelian Movement.

He said he expects the UFOland to become one of the most popular destinations in Las Vegas within the next five years.

There is no word on where UFOland will be built.

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Hopefully, he will survive long enough to build it…

Claude Vorilhon, head of the worldwide Raelian movement, warns he’s been targeted for death by the CIA and the French secret service for leading his dangerous “atheistic religion.”

Sun Media reporter Brigitte McCann and photographer Chantal Poirier infiltrated the bizarre sect over a nine-month period and were put to the test of their loyalty

Constantly surrounded by bodyguards, Claude Vorilhon is convinced that he’s the target of numerous assassination plots. The prophet known to his followers as Rael wants his disciples to share his paranoia that George Bush and Jacques Chirac themselves want his skin.

“There’s a strong chance I’ll be the next victim of an assassination attempt,” proclaims Vorilhon in the weekly Contact magazine published for Raelian members.

“And the fact that we’re talking about it here today is one of the means of trying to avoid it,” he continues.

Vorilhon is a former race-car driver and journalist who created the Raelian Movement, which he calls “an atheistic religion,” in 1973. He says he was visited by aliens in France who told him they were the “Elohim” mentioned in the Bible and had created the human race through cloning. Today his movement boasts 55,000 members in 84 countries.

Vorilhon claims the secret service of France and America’s CIA have been trying to eliminate him because he’s dangerous. The name of their secret extermination operation: The Abraham Project.

According to his theory, the mentally ill would be used as agents to assassinate him and carry out other crimes. Schizophrenics would obey voices emitted by audio systems secretly installed in their homes. – rickross

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  1. Irene Daoust

    Wow !!!
    Something positive for a change.

    Talks about happiness….

    Understanding & provable information about our origin…

    Something new, interesting and where one can acquire knowledge.

    Fascinating, can’t wait to see that.

  2. Joe Beyhan

    Finalyyyy,with this new philosophy which I see all about science and spirituality ,we might have a chance to become civilization
    wowwww great news for Las-Vegas and the planet

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