The origin of life on Earth, explained

By | March 27, 2009

The origin of life on Earth, explainedThis video is amazing! It explains how life could begin on Earth, spontaneously. For me, seeing this, and having it fit with everything else I’ve learned about self organizing systems–snowflakes, for example–was very convincing.

This video explains how life can appear on Earth with no magic, just basic chemistry. But in watching this with a friend, I realize you do have to understand some beyond high school level science concepts for this to really click.

Anyway, one of the two groups, evolutionists and creationists, is wrong. (Both could be wrong if aliens are involved, but that’s another story…) If this explains life on Earth, there is still an opening for the job of Prime Mover, I believe, and perhaps that is a place to seek God.

How soon until life is re-created this way in a laboratory?

Comment on Youtube by cdk007:

… Abiogenesis is the leading scientific theory based on experiments conducted in the fields of biology, chemistry, geology, and astrophysics. It is based on a number of empirical observations, and is currently our best understanding for the origin of life.

Has it been directly observed? The evidence reviewed here from the Szostak lab is the closest we’ve come.

Update: Abiogenesis is the field of study of how life may have began from inanimate matter.

Check out the movies here showing more details from teh Szostak Lab’s work.

If you follow self organizing systems like the ones above, forces can eventually result in single celled organisms. How did Multicellular life evolve? Watch this:

5 thoughts on “The origin of life on Earth, explained

  1. James

    The concept of abiogenesis has always fascinated me. Isn’t it interesting how much we owe the sun? I would like to apply for the position of “Prime Mover”.

  2. Bulldada

    Abiogenesis is not a theory (or even a leading theory); it refers to the field of study of the origin of life.

    The Wikipedia page lists various models which could have originated life on Earth.

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