The Kingman Saucer and a Contactee

By | June 6, 2012 in 1973, a man named Arthur Stansel – using the alias of Fritz Werner – provided the respected UFO researcher Ray Fowler with an extraordinary and controversial affidavit concerning nothing less than an alleged crashed UFO event in Kingman, Arizona two decades earlier. It went like this…

“I, Fritz Werner, do solemnly swear that during a special assignment with the U.S. Air Force, on May 21, 1953, I assisted in the investigation of a crashed unknown object in the vicinity of Kingman, Arizona. The object was constructed of an unfamiliar metal which resembled brushed aluminum. It had impacted twenty inches into the sand without any sign of structural damage. It was oval and about 30 feet in diameter. An entranceway hatch had been vertically lowered and opened.”

Stansel/Werner continued: “It was about 3-1/2 feet high and 1-1/2 feet wide. I was able to talk briefly with someone on the team who did look inside only briefly. He saw two swivel seats, an oval cabin, and a lot of instruments and displays. A tent pitched near the object sheltered the dead remains of the only occupant of the craft. It was about 4 feet tall, dark brown complexion and had 2 eyes, 2 nostrils, 2 ears, and a small round mouth. It was clothed in a silvery, metallic suit and wore a skullcap of the same type material. It wore no face covering or helmet. I certify that the above statement is true by affixing my signature to this document this day of June 7, 1973.”

Well, as fascinating as all the above undeniably is, it’s a fact that the Kingman affair is one that is absolutely steeped in controversy and debate, and which has led some to accept the case as valid and has caused others to dismiss it all as nothing more than outrageous fantasy. And appropriately for such a controversial story, there is an intriguing aspect of the Kingman affair that is hardly ever discussed, and of which many within Ufology are completely unaware. And here it is, in all its strange glory…

Beyond any shadow of doubt, the number of people who can claim aliens wrecked their marriages is infinitely small. But, such claims have been made – the most memorable being that of construction-worker Truman Bethurum. His idea of a close encounter was very different to those of other UFO witnesses: his alleged 1952 liaisons – atop Nevada’s Mormon Mesa – with Space Captain Aura Rhanes, a supposed citizen of the planet Clarion, ultimately led his outraged wife to file for divorce!

Mormon Mesa is a 1,893 foot high summit which dominates Nevada’s Moapa Valley. Between the mesa and its two, near-identical neighbors, are two huge chasms created by the Muddy and Virgin Rivers that carved the mesa eons ago. Visually stunning, both then and now, Mormon Mesa was about to become a veritable hotbed of alien activity – specifically when, in the mid-to-late part of 1952, Bethurum began working in the area. …

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6 thoughts on “The Kingman Saucer and a Contactee

  1. Cheng

    Is this why alien spacecraft keep crashing? The pilots are busy seducing the local indigenous species?

    1. Xeno Post author

      Once you get your circular-winged aircraft working, you enter a special secret club with interesting choices. You can pretend to be an alien, or you can be erased. Mine is getting close, but I think the pizza reactor needs more stabilization vectors.

      1. Cheng

        Interesting choices – erasure or alien impersonator. I’ll give that a miss and stick with the unstabilised pizza.

        1. Xeno Post author

          Joining the “galactic federation” has some great benefits. Once you make it on your own, you will be contacted and given upgrades for your ship (they slyly learn all your ship’s secrets while they do this, btw) and you get access, eventually, to land in the underground and undersea bases. The pizza on Atlantis Bophium is some of the best on the planet… So I’ve heard.

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