Hubble grabs most profound and humbling images in all of human history + See “God” the oldest Galaxy.

By | December 11, 2009

Holy… wow!  The Ultra Deep Field is the deepest we’ve ever seen and the furthest back in time. The light from these galaxies reached the Hubble telescope after 13 billion years.  I’d seen the image (it has been my desktop background for some time), but you have to check out the end of this video!

The 3D model in this video lets you fly through the  profound and humbling image in all of human history.

The biggest still image I found available is here (5.49 MB jpg).

Based on the video, I’ve captured what may be the oldest galaxy. I call it “God”:

Just for fun, compare it to the only known immortal animal on earth, Turritopsis Nutricula:

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