The glowing frog who swallowed a Christmas bulb

By | September 30, 2009

Colourful calories: The Cuban tree frog took a gulp of the bulb and wouldn't let go‘I began taking a few pictures from about four or five feet away because I did not want to scare him and make him move.

‘I zoomed in and noticed that the wire was actually going into the frogs mouth, he had swallowed the entire light, he wasn’t sitting on it at all.’

James, 29, said he feared the frog had been killed after it ate the bulb.

He said: ‘I figured that he must be dead and because there was no fear of spooking him I got very close and continued taking pictures.

‘But after few minutes I noticed one of his legs had moved, death spasm I thought for a second until he repositioned his entire body.

‘Now with the realisation that the frog was indeed alive I wanted to keep him that way.

‘So I fired off a few more shots, then gently grabbed the wire next to the bulb and slowly pulled it out for his mouth.

Because the wire was still attached to the light, Snyder was able to pull it gently from the frog’s mouth.

It seemed none the worse for its ordeal – apart from instantly losing its glow

via Pictured: The glowing frog who wanted a light snack and swallowed a Christmas bulb | Mail Online.

Just in time for Halloween…

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