The Geordie Lizard Man and others

By | March 10, 2009

This is an interesting story from Mike Hallowell:

… In my last blog, I mentioned the fact that two witnesses had come forward, both of whom claim to have espied a strange “lizard man”; one in Northumberland, and the other somewhat closer to home. I’m still investigating these claims, and have not, as yet, satisfied myself that they are entirely genuine. I believe they are at this juncture, mainly because the experients do not seem to know each other. Both appear to be perfectly sincere, and the intriguing thing is that their descriptions of the creature tally almost perfectly.

Witness A described the creature as five ft. in height, brown/green in colour and scaled. The beast, he said, was essentially anthropomorphic, but also possessed a tail, had no discernible ears and sported a reddish, serrated crest upon its head and spine. Its face was “snout-like” and resembled that of a German Shepherd in shape. I contacted him again several days ago, and asked him to relate to me once again his sighting in detail. His account is as follows, minus some details regarding the exact location which I am withholding at this time:

Last summer – one Sunday in July, as he recalls – Witness A left his home in Northumberland and drove to a remote spot further north to engage in a spot of rambling. He arrived at his destination and parked his car at approximately 1040hrs, and then walked up a path which took him between two small hillocks. In his backpack was a flask of tea and a packet of biscuits.

After walking between the hillocks, Witness A came across a large area covered with shrub, and scattered amongst it were a number of small, boggy areas filled with peat. He noticed that as he walked forward the ground was becoming increasingly waterlogged and spongy. Suddenly, to his right, he saw what he at first thought was a man running across the ground “at high speed”. He estimates that he was approximately twenty yards away from him, and was puzzled as he could not see where he had came from.

“He seemed to come out of nowhere”, the witness told me, “as if he had suddenly popped up out of the ground”.
Witness A told me that the creature – by now he’d realised that it certainly wasn’t human – had a gait that was perfectly human-like: “There wasn’t anything funny about the way he ran. If it hadn’t been for his strange appearance I would have thought it was just a man”.
Within seconds the creature had crossed the path of Witness A and gave no indication of being aware that he was not alone. It was, said the witness, “as if I wasn’t there”. The witness also recalled seeing occasional splashes of water near the creature’s feet as it disturbed the boggy ground beneath him. Then, without warning, he claimed that it, “just seemed to sink into the ground, as if he had fallen into a hole. There was no noise or anything…he just disappeared.”

Witness A then retraced his steps, found his car and proceeded to drive home. His ramble had been of incredibly short duration, but the incident had removed any desire to prolong it. …
via CRYPTOZOOLOGY ONLINE: Still on the Track: GUEST BLOGGER MIKE HALLOWELL: The Geordie Lizard Man and others.

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