The flying “Heel Lift” – Arup S2 and S4 flying wings

By | July 8, 2008

The flying Heel Lift - Arup S2 and S4 flying wingsHere is a heel shaped craft … but obviously not what crashed at Roswell, NM. It is a flying wing demonstrated for the Army. Invented in South Bend Indiana. 780lb machine. 37 Hp motor. 97 mph.

The passengers were to be seated in the wing with a clear view forward through the plastic leading edge of the wing. Snyder’s early glider experiments led to the formation of the Arup Manufacturing Corporation in 1932 to refine his initial experimental configuration to a practical aircraft. Aided by the engineering skills of Raoul Hoffman and with Glenn Doolittle (racing pilot Jimmie Doolittle’s cousin) acting as test pilot, Dr. Snyder produced three more variations of the basic disc-shaped Arup S-1 powered glider. Of the three, Arup S-2 and S-4 proved to be more durable and practical, making hundreds of flights during the mid-1930s, including impressive demonstration flights for the NACA, CAA, and the Army. – link

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