The FBI memo after Roswell about Flying Disks

By | July 4, 2008

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Did Aliens crash at Roswell, NM in 1947? Was it a secret US Govt flying disk/parabola/crescent? Or is there another explanation?

The above document, once researched and shown to be genuine, represents evidence at a meaningful level of credibility. Direct physical evidence is best, but real DOD/DOJ memos and intelligence reports should also be taken seriously.

This memo shows that there was reason for the FBI to believe in Aug 1947 that some flying disks were secret US Govt. experiments. Flying disk experiments were denied, however. Still, the military decided there was indeed a need for a system to keep the FBI from accidentally exposing secret military craft experiments. This suggests some R&D military aircraft tests going on at the time.

7 thoughts on “The FBI memo after Roswell about Flying Disks

  1. dogsounds

    Much better.

    Changing the url for the document to “2” at the end gives you the second page. Seems like a flat-out denial of any “flying disc” experimental craft to me. at least to the interrogator.

    Still, it remains to be seen who allows what knowledge to pass where in government departments, hmm?

    I like rabbit holes.

  2. DarkGovernment

    It seems unlikely that the crashed disk was an experiment of the U.S. because as stated in your post they freely disclosed the crash of a pilot in a crescent winged craft in 1944, so why not disclose the roswell crash as the same thing if that is what it was, in fact I am surprised they didnt do that, it probably would have squashed the whole story right there into obscurity.

  3. Xeno Post author

    Interesting… Why and when did the Horten test and crash become known? Anyone know? I assume it wasn’t until some FOI filing was granted, perhaps in the 1970’s but that’s just a guess.

  4. Xeno Post author

    The Horten Parabola craft is real. Flying wings are real. The hoax, as I understand it, is the success of the Nazi flying saucers. There are a few US documents which cite information that saucers were tested. There are photos of them which look authentic to me, but I don’t speak or read German, so I can’t really confirm the claims. My best guess at this point is that they were a Nazi deception by their counterintelligence people.

    1. misstorys

      One would have to read the book of Cl Corso The day after Roswell to understand the whole circumstance of the incident.
      Yes flying wings are real. The Nazi flying saucers were not a hoax at all, they had flying Vril and Haunebu craft. Most of the pics of these craft are real some are renderings or artist impressions but nothing is really hoaxed as such. There are many witnesses in wich Corso and Jesse Marcel jr. are the core witnesses. I can speak and read German so if you have some foto or documents for clarification maybe I can help. I plan to make a Roswell documentary from bits and peaces I can find from what is around on the internet. see also updates about it on my blog on wordpress.

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