The Children Who Bore Witness to Roswell: Their Tragic Stories Finally Revealed

By | March 11, 2012


… For many what was seen at Roswell cast a shadow the length of a lifetime. And for the two children who innocently happened on strange things fallen from the sky in 1947 that did not belong, their lifetimes were short. It is telling that the ‘first-on-the-scene’ witnesses to the unearthly crash materials were the ones who would say the very least. They were troubled by secrets that were held in their hearts and to their graves. The original and untainted witnesses were ranch manager Mac Brazel and two New Mexico boys, Dee Proctor and Vernon Brazel.

But suffer the children. And these two indeed suffered. Theirs is a story of silence and of suicide. It is a tortured tale of drink, divorce and dying young. It is an incredible account of stolen alien metal and of frightening threats to juveniles. And the brief but stunning confession of one of these Roswell child witnesses is related on the internet for the first time ever, here and now…

We now realize that Dee Proctor is to be considered an historical figure who saw what none of us ever will. But it was a “privilege” that Dee never sought and a sight he wished that he had never seen…

Dee was with Brazel when he first discovered the debris field. But he was also with Brazel, he told his mother Loretta, when he discovered “something else” at another site 2-1/2 miles to the east that left him deeply traumatized for the rest of his life. He never told her exactly what he saw there but he did take her to the location in 1994 saying, “Here is where Mack found something else.”

The only other time that it is known that Dee spoke of the event was by “accident.” Author and researcher Kevin Randle indicates that on two occasions in the 1990s, when phoning for Loretta Proctor, her son Dee had answered. Realizing that these would be “missed opportunities” not to talk to Dee directly, Kevin engaged him both times in very brief conversation before Dee’s mother got to the phone. Dee quickly and reluctantly confirmed to Kevin some astounding information:

– He was indeed with Mac at the crash site that week in July of 1947 and remembers it
– Military authorities had come to “visit” him to discuss the crash
– He and Mac came upon a large field of metal-like debris: remnants of a craft
– He did not believe the material that he saw to be from earth or made by man
– He said that he later took some friends out with him to later visit the site

This last item is confirmed by Roswell resident Sydney “Jack” Wright, who told researchers Tom Carey and Don Schmitt that two sons of rancher Thomas Edington and one of rancher Truman Pierce’s daughters got to “the other location.” This author is currently trying to locate the Edington sons and the Pierce daughter….

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