The British fanatic who plotted to kill thousands

By | November 6, 2006

The British fanatic who plotted to kill thousands

A British al-Qa’eda fanatic plotted to murder thousands of innocent people on both sides of the Atlantic, a court heard yesterday.

The detailed plans presented to terrorist handlers by Muslim convert Dhiren Barot revealed his goal of striking at major buildings and railway stations with gas bombs in cars, detonating a radioactive dirty bomb and blowing up a train under the Thames in London. …

Woolwich Crown Court heard that 34-year-old Barot had led a “sleeper cell” planning attacks in New York, Washington, London and across Britain.

In an encrypted document called Radioactive Children inside a file called Brad Pitt, the Londoner outlined plans for a dirty bomb in the capital.

Barot wrote that a radioactive device would “produce general panic, health consequences including immediate fatalities and long-term increases in cancer incidence, long-term denial of property use, disruption of services and property and facility decontamination needs”.

… Barot has pleaded guilty to conspiracy to murder and faces life in jail. He is expected to be sentenced today. Seven other men deny all charges. – telegraph

Message to the world from British intelligence: steganography and encryption are not going to work. If we say you plotted, you will be in jail for life. We can take you away from your life and lock you up. We can tell people you confessed if you did or not. We can torture you until you confess, guilty or not. Fear us. Fear ‘terrorists’. Fear being wrongly labeled a terrorist. Fear everything. Live in fear. Your fear makes us powerful. It also might help the US election tomorrow. 😉


If someone did something, then they are a criminal and they need to be stopped. I’m glad the British Intel people are catching criminals … but let’s hear the evidence of an actual crime. Did he attempt to get any radioactive materials? Did he actually DO anything wrong? Or did he just think about it and write about it? Thought crimes result in life in prison now?

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