Got the Blues? Try this…

By | April 13, 2010

Got the Blues? Try this...How was your day?

Nothing much happened today. It is raining. It is tax time.  The news is depressing. According to some, the year 2010 could be the end. (Yeah right…) Listening back to my hours and hours of work on my music, I realized tonight that I don’t really like my own songs, so I pulled them all down … except the latest one. I do like the way “The Rope” came out.  I have to remind myself that the generalized blues are usually caused by lack of sleep, lack of excercise, or lack of food. I just ate.  I’m too tired to exercise, so I’m going to sleep. As an optimist, I assume the world will be better in the morning. But wait…

If you are feeling a bit down, you may just need the German-speaking opera singing parrot treatment:

Yes. That did the trick.

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