The Bermuda Triangle of car keys? Mystery surrounds Yonkers, N.Y.

By | July 25, 2012

The Bermuda Triangle of car keys Mystery surrounds Yonkers NY

Cars parked in a busy section of a large New York city have been the subject of a perplexing issue in recent weeks, and it’s a real non-starter.

According to the Journal News, complaints began to surface about six months ago when drivers in Yonkers, N.Y., discovered that they were unable to unlock or start their vehicles equipped with wireless key fobs while parked in a part of town near the intersection of Yonkers and Page Aves. But when they were pushed or towed out of the area, the systems were restored.

“It occurs very rarely, but occasionally,” David Maxson, a radio-frequency communications specialist who investigated the issue, told

Maxson, owner of Isotrope LLC in Medfield, Mass., was called in by his client, a company that operates wireless antennas on utility poles on Yonkers Ave., after it was informed of the problem, and wanted to see if it was the cause. When he went out to the site with test equipment, he determined it was not coming from his client’s antenna, but from the property across the street.

Maxson believes this is being caused by “some device in the building on Yonkers Ave., that is either broken, not working properly, or improperly installed.”

He adds that “most remote keyless entry [RKE] devices operate at a particular frequency in a radio spectrum that this interference is on. Lots of people own cars with RKE, and lots of people park on this stretch of Yonkers Ave.,” Maxson said. “ This unknown source of interference is blocking the ability of the key fobs to ‘talk’ to their cars.”

This is not the first time Maxson has encountered this issue.

It happened to him personally when he was visiting an Air Force base, and “the radio communications interfered with my key fob, and I had to put it right up against the antenna in the window glass to open my car.” …

Maxson advises drivers who experience the problem to do the same: bring their key fob as close as possible to the car’s antenna, making the possible interference smaller, and pushing ‘unlock’ again.

As this predicament goes unsolved, it has been affecting business and car owners alike. …

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  1. Fred Killer

    It’s quite obvious that the source could easily be identified by anyone with a hand full of knuckles and a few hours to kill.

    Just knock on all of the doors in the local area and ask everyone if they have equipment that might interfere or have a clue who might.

    Spectrum analysis would clearly locate the source, if active. Establishing the activity pattern should be the first task. This should already be on record, judging by the apparent number of complaints.

    If all else fails get the Mayor to ask NORAD or the NSA. I’m sure they have the listening gear.

    My guess would be that a local electronics student is pranking people by deliberately jamming their frequency with a home made scrambler. It’s probably all over YouTube.

    I saw it in the Jason Bourne movie where he attaches a magnetic black box under a car or van and it sets off all the car alarms in the street.

    You can probably buy jammers on eBay.

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