The Battle of Los Angeles: An Eyewitness Account To Be Presented This Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

By | March 20, 2010

BOLA (UFO enhanced and framed)Scott Littleton, Emeritus Professor of Anthropology from Occidental College, will present a remarkable eyewitness account of a mysterious flying object that “attacked” the L.A. Basin in the early 1940s.

In the early morning hours of February 25,1942, a mysterious object cruised the skies of Southern California from the Santa Monica Mountains to Orange County. Scott Littleton, who was eight years old at the time, witnessed the event and will describe for us how he and his mother stood in front of their Hermosa Beach home watching the glowing object, surrounded by searchlight beams and a profusion of exploding anti-aircraft shells, as it passed almost directly overhead. The object glided slowly and silently along the edge of the ocean at about 8,000 feet, traveling from north to south. It eventually veered inland and disappeared from view over Redondo Beach.

Littleton will discuss a number of theories that have been put forward over the years to explain what the object was: from a lone Japanese observation plane, to an errant barrage balloon, to a flock of wayward sea birds! He will then share his own conclusion with us that it was a bona fide UFO, most likely extraterrestrial in origin. Littleton will also address the rumor he came across in his research that the object had eventually crashed into the Pacific Ocean off of northern San Diego County, only to be retrieved later by the U.S Navy.

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Did anyone film or tape this? I’d like to hear the story from Scott Littleton. More from the ufochronicles on this topic here. This was a real event at whatever they lit up, whatever was immune to the shells that must have hit it looks very much like one of the German UFOs that I’m told never existed.

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