The Another Amazing Spiderman

By | August 6, 2012


I just saw the latest spiderman (2012) movie and I enjoyed it. Rhys Ifans (who played Xenophilius Lovegood) in the last Harry Potter movie) was great as the Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde type villain. But really, after seeing it, I have the same reaction as when I first saw the previews… I have no idea why they made this movie.

It was the same basic story with different actors as the last series from 2002, which was to me, pretty flawless. I like the story, scenes and actors better in the 2002 version, so this was just confusing and it waters down the earlier classic. They should have used these new actors in a whole new plot!

Okay, and having Peter Parker not shoot his own webs in this one when he did in the last series was lame.

Hey, let’s make a movie about Superman where he doesn’t really have x-ray vision, but he invents x-ray goggles he has to wear. Thumbs down. Make the new character have powers better than the last one at least. So, I agree with Scott Mendelson’s review in the Huffington Post:

… the Marc Webb-helmed reboot is here, and it fails in fundamental ways despite not being an outright terrible film. It fails by both not being different enough from Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man and not being better than Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man …

By hewing too closely to what came before while mostly failing to be superior and/or notably different, it renders itself needless. In a future time, when I chose to watch a Spider-Man film, I can’t imagine ever choosing this one, which is the greatest tragedy for a number of talented people who have crafted something of no real long-term artistic value. As much as I would prefer to judge the film in a vacuum, I just can’t. The Amazing Spider-Man’s greatest crime is not that its a corporate-mandated reboot, a relatively mediocre one no-less, of a still-vital ongoing franchise.

It’s greatest crime is that it is an unofficial remake of a 10-year-old blockbuster masquerading as a wholly new motion picture while attempting to take credit for what the prior filmmakers got right the first time. …

2 thoughts on “The Another Amazing Spiderman

  1. Sam

    “Okay, and having Peter Parker not shoot his own webs in this one when he did in the last series was lame.”

    I do not agree, Xeno. Since Spider-man’s beginning, Peter Parker has always had to use the web-shooters (except when he was wearing the symbiotic alien costume that would later become Venom). This return to the source material was pretty much the only improvement I saw in this movie.

    1. Xeno Post author

      I figured it was a return to the source, which I haven’t read, but liked the 2002 idea better. Making his own web and being at first surprised by his ability and then learning to use them makes him a stronger superhero with better character development, in my view.

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