The Amazing Human Body

By | April 29, 2013

The Amazing Human BodyThree hours after eating duck eggs that had been in the refrigerator for a month I had a painful bloated stomach. Food poisoning, obviously. I was nauseous and had diarrhea.

After an hour, I was getting worse, not better. My HMO advice nurse after consulting a doctor recommended Imodium AD. Well if your body is trying to get rid of something, don’t interfere, right? The nurse knowingly agreed and say to let it run its course and I should recover in one to three days. Three days?! I decided to listen to my body and decided I needed water with lemon juice and sea salt. Amazingly, the brain in my stomach sorted out the bad from the good part of my fairly large meal and without the horrible prolonged vomiting I was dreading, ejected exactly what was causing the problem. It came up with a small burp, I spot it out, and felt instantly fine.

Now I’m sitting here impressed with my 10 billion of years of evolution, thinking how many hidden abilities we have.

Salt water makes things float, the lemon juice, I think, prepped my throat for the acidity of the stomach acid. I didn’t work that out until much later.

Remember that duck eggs keep three weeks max in the refrigerator and they require more cook time than chicken eggs.

Has your body ever done anything that amazed you?

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  1. Fred Killer

    On a more serious note, I did visit a kinesiologist once, who performed muscles strength tests to identify aversions and shortages of certain minerals and such.

    You lay on your back and raise your right arm so that it’s vertical and the therapist asks you to resist her/his pull on your hand in a downward motion, toward your waist again.

    She had a thick file of diagrams and a case of camera film type plastic containers with all the minerals and vitamins. She then formed the relevant finger position for the substance to be tested and placed a capsule or tablet on my abdomen, near my naval and pointed her fingertips near the same area.

    Next, I was asked to try and hold my arm vertically while she pulled on it, so depending upon the substance tested, I was either able to resist strongly or not at all.

    It was very interesting to experience and I’d recommend anyone to visit one.

    She came to the conclusion that I was low in magnesium.

  2. John E.

    Once I had one of those painful inner nostril zits that lasted for weeks. Eventually it migrated outward to started to show on the exterior of my nostril. So I poked it gently with a pin and pushed from the inside. Out popped an ingrown nostril hair. It took quite a journey. Sorry if that was gross.

    I’m also learning Ninjutsu. Although I’ve never had to defend myself with it, my teacher tells us that when a fight starts, “your brain goes to the Bahamas.” When that happens, the Ninjutsu training takes over and wins the fight. I like the idea that if I’m ever in trouble and my brain “goes to the Bahamas” that my body will protect me.

  3. Nathaniel

    We really don’t realize just how capable the body is at repairing itself. Our cells are extremely intelligent.

    I drink green tea with a teaspoon of fresh lemon juice almost every day. I try to recommend this to anyone who is having stomach issues. It balances out the ph of the stomach, among other things.

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