The $100 Personal Energy Production Challenge

By | March 9, 2008

The 100 Personal Energy Production ChallengeThe Xenophilia Energy Company’s
$100 Personal Electricity Production Challenge

Goal: Generate and store as much of your own electricity as possible over the course of one month.

Rules: You have only $100 to spend on this project. You live in an apartment.

Prize: $ cash (Amount depends on sponsors.)

Deadline for submissionsMidnight, April  2, 2008.

Format: Describe your energy production method in simple enough terms that it would be understandable to someone with a basic high school science background. List exact quantities and items you would purchase and the cost of each item. Describe your methods for assembly and for the use of your electricity production and storage system. Describe the amount of energy you expect the system to produce.

Finalist’s ideas will be constructed and tested by our panel of judges. The one producing the most usable electricity wins the cash and a possible TV news appearance.  School science project participants welcome!

Volunteers needed. Contact Xeno if you’d like to be a judge or sponsor for this event. We also need publicity and some cool art work to help promote this.

Power to the people!

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