Tests Show Carbon Monoxide In Case-Ready Beef

By | May 16, 2006

Tests Show Carbon Monoxide In Case-Ready Beef

A Local 6 News investigation showing case-ready ground beef enhanced with carbon monoxide remaining cherry red for months prompted tips from viewers that popular stores are selling the meat in Central Florida.

The report featured Kelly Hardesty, one of many Local 6 viewers convinced they were fooled by modified atmosphere packaging. … “We opened the meat and it was an awful bad smell,” Hardesty said, “It smelled like it had been about 10 days old maybe.”

“Did you buy it because it looked good or did you actually check the sell-by-date?” Problem Solver Mike Holfeld asked. – more

“Because it looked good,” Hardesty said.

Local 6 News reporter Mike Holfeld first reported in May that the process uses carbon dioxide, nitrogen and a small amount of carbon monoxide to deliver an enhanced cherry red glow that last weeks past the sell date.

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