My Headshot. Seeking part of Xenophilius Lovegood in last two Harry Potter movies

By | March 4, 2009

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Welcome to my blog. This is what I look like right now.  If you work at TimeWarner, or know someone who can get me the part of Xenophilius in the last two Harry Potter movies, pass the word. I have years of experience on stage (as a musician) and won awards for “best actor” two years in a row in High School.

For all I know, the part is already cast, but I’d like to throw this out there anyway.  Thanks if you can help with this crazy dream of mine!


PS. Here is some character analysis. Here are some people’s choices for Xenophilius casting on MTV Movies Blog.

Jim Carey in the photo below might make a good Xenophilius (thanks for the ID!), but he is not self absorbed in the right way to pull it off IMHO. I’m starting to re-read the DH to perhaps do some mock up videos of the Xenophilius parts. God, it’s so painful. I just can’t believe he would do it. That’s why I had to write the alternate ending. Knowing he is redeemed later, that this is a slightly malfunctioning copy of the real him in my version, I could do the part. It would add depth too.

14 thoughts on “My Headshot. Seeking part of Xenophilius Lovegood in last two Harry Potter movies

  1. Xeno Post author

    Lol. Thanks Silkyray, lol really. I sent an email off to a few people at the Warner Bros. tonight asking about the Xenophilius part. I like to try for the seemingly impossibly long shots. Makes life interesting.

  2. silkyray

    You should get some shots taken in the possible costume for the char, try buttering them up a little. Or it would make a great album

  3. Tina Meter Maid

    Xeno, Long time reader. You actually getting the Xenophilius part would be the weirdest thing I’ve ever read on your blog. I hope you do!!

  4. Thomas

    I’d love to see this happen for you, but think the odds must be a million to one against. I highly doubt they’d cast a person with no professional acting credits into a speaking role in a major movie. Besides, I think you have to belong to an actor’s union.

    If you can get someone to take notice, JKR might fly you over as a guest to watch the filming.

  5. Xeno

    As I said, I like the long shots. White hair runs in my family. 😉 I’d love to meet Joanne Rowling. I’d either have a million questions or I’d be speechless.

  6. Xeno Post author

    I. Can’t. Stop. Laughing. OMG. … Silkyray, you are awesome. Can I put it up on the site?

  7. Silkyray

    If you ever need any UFO photos authenticated(or faked), let me know. That was a quick if I spent the time I could put you on a set and give you arms. lol. Pimp-in the PhotoShop. Holla!

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