Terror Storm: An video about False Flag operations and 9/11

By | October 30, 2006

Terror Storm An video about False Flag operations and 911History of false terrorism trickery by governments. 1 hr 50 minutes. Alex Jones uses documented facts to show that governments sometimes kill their own people and use false blame to gain control, to invade other countries, etc. Includes info on the London bombings (7/7) and much more.

I don’t share Alex Jones’ generalized view of Governments being evil. My estimation is that most people in the CIA, FBI, NSA and so on are working to protect America, support the Constitution, maintain civil liberties, etc. Still, in the name of doing those things, lines are crossed. I think this crap does happen and with compartmentalization “need to know” information control it isn’t terribly difficult for a small powerful group to pull off state sponsored terrorism from the inside. Change has to happen from the inside out. It does, and it will eventually.

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