‘Tell us the truth on moorland UFO’

By | March 2, 2006

Feb 23 2006


By Hywel Trewyn, Daily Post

A UFO investigator hopes to unravel a 30-year mystery – did spacemen land on a North Wales mountain?

Unexplained lights in the sky, an earthquake and secretive men in suits all happened on a dark winter’s night in 1974 as the people of Llandderfel and Llandrillo, villages in the Berwyn mountains near Bala, sat down to their evening’s TV.

But the quiet was shattered by the rumbles of an earthquake, registering 3.5 on the Richter scale.

As people ran from their houses, fearing another tremor, they witnessed a blaze of light on the mountainside above.

A local nurse and her daughters watched as a huge eggshaped craft lay on the ground with a pulsating orange and red glow.

Police converged on the mountains, expecting to dis-cover a crashed passenger jet – but what they did find has never been divulged.

Some think it was an experimental man-made top secret military aircraft, possibly a prototype Stealth bomber. Others believe it was an alien craft from another world.


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