Taxes, not one cent you pay goes to this country?

By | August 18, 2012

Taxes, not one cent you pay goes to this country?I’m listening to Alex Jones, streaming on an iPhone using “5-0 Radio Pro” and he just said that the money we pay the IRS does not go to support anything in the USA.

Seems hard to believe… How can no Federal taxes be going to US projects?

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  1. Donovan Kliegg

    It’s well established that Alex Jones is never wrong, so I’m guessing his logic goes like this.

    1. Some tax dollars are spent on interest payments (6%), and some of that (32%) is held by foreign owners. Lets estimate that 2% of federal tax collections go to pay interest on foreign held debt.

    2. Some US vendors are foreign. Aid to other countries is < 1%, defense is 24% and no more than 10% could possibly be a transfer to foreign vendors. Lets round it up and say that 3% of federal tax collections are transfered to foreign based vendors and foreign goverments.

    That's 5% of taxes going to foreign sources, but to extra safe, I'll round up to 6%. 6% of the federal spending is 228 billion dollars.

    6% of 365 days is 21.9 days or 525.6 hours. The Alex Jones Show gets 314 days of airtime a year. Since money is fungible, one can decide that for the 1 hour and 40 minutes of each Alex Jones Show, the federal government is deciding to send the taxes collect during those hours to foreign powers.

    One can even refine this to the exact interval of time that Alex Jones makes this claim. Assuming it takes a minute to state the claim, he can make that claim up to 31,536 times a year and that's also the moment when payments are transfered from US tax sources to foreign governments and vendors.

    One can now claim the Alex Jones Show results in 726.1 million dollars of payments to foreign powers each time it airs.

    It's just a matter of estimation.

  2. 1rellims

    Its true in a sense. The Grace commission stated that one thirds of income tax was uncollectable, one third was waisted by the government and the other third paying interest to the FED. Thus all income tax is gone before anything we think our taxes should go for is paid for.

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