Tax Software: TaxAct instead of TurboTax

By | April 6, 2009

Tax Software: TaxAct instead of TurboTaxTonight I’m looking at alternatives to TurboTax.

Not only is TurboTax expensive, but I can’t find it in stores right now.  I guess I could buy it and download it…

I could find HR blocks’ TaxCut in stores, but it is just as expensive as TurboTax.

TaxAct got a good review. Tonight I purchased the $20 deluxe  version which includes federal and state returns. It also includes business forms for my small business, but I’m a bit skeptical about how easy it will be.

I lost the electronic version of my TurboTax return for 2007 to a hard disk crash, so I can’t import anyway. Seems like a good year to switch. I’m hoping there is an option to print and mail in my forms.

TaxAct: Order or Upgrade Toll-Free: 1-800-573-4287

Has anyone used TaxAct for 2008 Deluxe to prepare a small business tax statement after previously using TurboTax Home Business Edition? If so, let me know your thoughts.

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