Taking a break from blogging.

By | March 26, 2014

20140326-123244.jpgHi Everyone,
After years of almost daily blogging, I’ve decided to slow down a bit. Lately I’ve become exited about Open Courseware and the availability of entire training programs free on line as a supplement to paid courses and direct experience. What this means is I’m spending my free time learning in my field instead of reading and blogging strange news from around the world. I’ll still be surfing the apocalypse and posting anything dramatic, so subscribe and you won’t miss it when I tell you the aliens are here, for real. 😉 *


Footnote: *If life was seeded on earth by comets then WE are originally alien to this world. Might this explain a few of our attitudes? Hmm…

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  1. Ian C.

    I have always enjoyed this blog since I discovered it I think 2004? It has always been a blast following the daily craziness through the eyes of Xenophilius. Sorry again about the drum set. Friends kind of adopted it before I could send it your way so I still owe you a drum set in my mind. Anyway this was the one website that remained consistently awesome and never really jumped the shark like so many others have done so awkwardly. All the best with your courses and thank you for the low down for all the years!

    1. Xeno Post author

      Ha, I forgot about that. The trading up thing years ago. 🙂 No problem, really, and thanks for the kind words. I now have Superior Drummer and it gives me all the drums I need for my demos.

      For the blog, I expect to pick up again, perhaps in a few weeks when I get caught up on my self improvement efforts. Cheers. X

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