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How NASA lost moon pictures

Here’s one for the “We never went to the moon” conspiracy theorists to chew over… It is not widely known that the Apollo 11 television broadcast from the moon was a high-quality transmission, far sharper than the blurry version relayed instantly to the world on that July day in 1969. Among those battling to unscramble… Read More »

A Case of Aging Reversed?

Someone could make a fortune on a method to turn grey hair back to its original color! Is this legit? A GRANDAD suffering from a rare disease has found a bizarre side effect to his treatment – it makes him look 20 years younger. Reggie Myles, 62, feared he would be crippled for life after… Read More »

War Continues, AP Fires Photo Faker

“The Reuters news agency said Monday it has cut its ties with a Beirut-based freelance photographer who it found had manipulated two photographs from the ongoing fighting in Lebanon. It also removed all 920 pictures by the photographer from its database. The agency said that as a result of the discovery it has put in… Read More »

Mayon volcano alert

MANILA (AP) — Mayon appeared ready to blow its top Monday as six explosions sent ash columns up to 800 meters (a half-mile) high and led officials to evacuate 50,000 people from an extended danger zone. The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology raised the alert to level 4, saying an explosive eruption appeared imminent.… Read More »

Maine Lobstermen Catch Rare, Yellow Lobsters

A visitor at Percy’s General Store on Popham Beach is the talk of the town. It’s a rare yellow lobster, hauled up Monday morning by David Percy. David caught th lobster near Whaleback Island at the mouth of the Kennebec River. But he’s not the only lobsterman who found a surprise in his traps in… Read More »

Oceans teeming with 10 million kinds of microbe

The diversity of microbes living in the world’s oceans may be more than 100 times greater than previously estimated, according to a survey of marine life. Scientists working in marine sites around the world, including several North Atlantic sites between Greenland and Iceland, were astonished to find that they had massively underestimated the diversity of… Read More »

6 Shot, 1 Fatally at Seattle Jewish Center

Here is video of the arrest. Looks like the police were expecting an ambush from somewhere when they arrested the “one” shooter? A man walked into a Jewish organization Friday afternoon and opened fire, killing one person and injuring at least five others before he was arrested, officials said. The gunman, who employees said claimed… Read More »

20,000 year old foot prints.

Dating of the thin clay-like sand sheet covering the footprints show them to be between 19 and 23 thousand years old. The footprints were found in southeastern Australia, along the shore of one of 19 dried up lakes that comprise the Willandra Lakes system. The researchers believe the prints were made over a series of… Read More »

Conspiracy: Population Reduction Plan

My inside sources have told me what is really going on. I will reveal it to you. They were planning to use a virus (or just the threat of a virus), but the current plan is to use religion and patriotism to get the less intelligent people on the planet to fight and die to… Read More »

Apollo 11 Astronauts Witnessed UFO

“A new TV documentary unveils that the first men to walk on the Moon reported seeing a UFO. The new TV documentary about the first men to walk on the Moon unveils a UFO cover-up. Astronaut Buzz Aldrin, the second man to walk on the Moon’s surface after Neil Armstrong, says space agency bosses covered… Read More »

Utilities giving big bucks to Virginia global warming skeptic

He’ll support any position, true or not, for price? That would make him the Rush-Limbaugh of Climatology. “Coal-burning utilities are raising money for one of the few remaining scientists skeptical of the global warming harm caused by industries that burn fossil fuels. Pat Michaels is Virginia’s state climatologist and a University of Virginia professor. He… Read More »

Missing Mauldin Man Found Alive

Probably just a simple alien abduction… or he’s lying? 21 year-old Alex Gibbs says it’s good to be home. The Mauldin resident was last seen by his family Saturday night when he went out to run some errands. Gibbs says the last thing he remembers was parking his car at Barnes and Noble on Haywood… Read More »

Fox News Says Hezbollah ‘Certain’ To Nuke Major City

… Following the ceaseless bombing of Lebanon, Fox News has gone thermonuclear in its mission to drive fear into the hearts of Americans by insisting that Hezbollah’s use of a nuclear device in a major US or Israeli city is inevitable and that only increased surveillance of Americans can stop it. Couched in a bizarre… Read More »

Freaky looking fish washes up on Oregon beach

A strange and rare discovery in Oregon was puzzling marine scientists Monday. A nearly six foot long King-of-the-Salmon washed up on the beach. It?s a member of the Ribbonfish family normally found 1,600 below the surface of the ocean, from Alaska to Baja and along the coast of Chile. They can grow up to, and… Read More »

What is red mercury?

Three men have been cleared of trying to procure the raw ingredients for a “dirty bomb” which the prosecution claimed could have devastated a British city if it fell into the hands of terrorists. But mystery surrounds the material at the centre of the plot. So what exactly is red mercury? The most bizarre aspect… Read More »

Rolling Blackouts Possible Soon in CA

… The state only avoided blackouts Monday because every available power plant, including some not usually in service, ran at full capacity and residents curtailed their energy use, according to the California Independent System Operator. And about 1 p.m., state officials declared a Stage 2 power emergency, requiring some companies to switch off the power… Read More »

Deja vu ‘recreated in laboratory’

Scientists believe they have found a way to probe the mysterious phenomenon of feeling you have witnessed something before – deja vu. Leeds Memory Group researchers say they have gone some way to recreating the sensation in the lab using hypnosis. … Some people with temporal lobe epilepsy report frequent deja vu. And previous work… Read More »

Man makes Android Copy of Himself

Hiroshi Ishiguro poses with his android clone, Geminoid HI-1. Constructed of silicone and steel and powered by pressurized air and small actuators, Ishiguro’s life-size doppelg?nger is uncannily realistic since it was made from casts taken from the roboticist’s body. – more at wired

Elephant ’self-portrait’ on show

Pictures which were painted by elephants have gone on display at an Edinburgh gallery. Art graduate Victoria Khunapramot, 26, has brought the paintings from Thailand to the Dundas Gallery on Dundas Street. They include “self-portraits” by Paya, who is said to be the only elephant to have mastered his own likeness. Paya is one of… Read More »

Two killed as artwork ‘lifts off’

Two people have been killed and 13 injured after a giant, inflatable sculpture blew free from its moorings. Many were inside the artwork, which consists of connected rooms, when it lifted 30ft into the air at Riverside Park, Chester-le-Street, County Durham. The Dreamspace sculpture is thought to have drifted for about 40m. A 38-year-old woman… Read More »

Man catches the same fish… twice

Angler Bob Watton was stunned when he caught the same fish in the open sea twice in a week – beating odds of one million to one. Bob, 56, was left frustrated when the 11lbs sea bass got away from him while he was out fishing off the south coast. In a 10 minute tussle,… Read More »

Live death freeze show

The first-ever footage of a person Liquid nitrogen being cryonically frozen after death is to be shown on Channel Five. The 60-minute film Death in the Deep Freeze will follow a woman who is terminally ill with cancer. It will also show the ‘shocking and compelling’ invasive procedure used to freeze her, along with interviews… Read More »

The Backrub

Waaagh! Head’s up! Here is the most entertaining video on YouTube of Bush putting an unwelcome back rub move on Angela Merkel the German Chencellor at the G8 Summit. A real nowhere man?

Scientists Plan to Rebuild Neanderthal Genome

Researchers at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology in Leipzig, Germany, plan to reconstruct the genome of Neanderthals, the archaic human species that occupied Europe from 300,000 years ago until 30,000 years ago until being displaced by modern humans. The genome will initially be reconstructed using DNA extracted from Neanderthal bones that are 45,000… Read More »

Purported Baby Cloner Gives Details

For those keeping score of my psychic predictions, my song “I’m growing your clone” predicted clones from DNA in skin cells years ago. This didn’t work… yet… but it will eventually. Wahahahahaha. Whahahahah! “A maverick fertility expert has revealed hard evidence of a controversial attempt to produce the world’s first cloned human baby. Panos Zavos,… Read More »

“Bigfoot Hand” may be Black Bear Claw

See story and more pictures on Cryptomundo. Figure 1. Comparison of black bear paw bones (left) with an x-ray of a purported sasquatch hand displayed by Tom Biscardi in 2006. The claws are missing from both images. The x-ray on the right shows that only the metacarpal remains of the first digit. One might conjecture… Read More »

Cover up: USDA to cut back BSE testing program

The old “saving money by looking the other way” food safety method. Makes sense. Actually, like most things, we probably don’t know the half of it. Have you “herd” about the Mad Cow “cover up“, “cover up“, “cover up“? Beef, so I hear, is the largest source of revenue for US agriculture at $150 billion… Read More »

Fish with Human-like Teeth Caught

Fisherman Scott Curry reeled in the 20-pound fish on Buffalo Springs Lake and immediately noticed the catch had human-like teeth. A game warden photographed the fish and is attempting to identify it. General Manager of Buffalo Springs Lake Greg Thornton told KLBK13-TV in Texas that he has never seen anything like the fish in the… Read More »

Global Warming: UK hits 100 degrees for second time since 1659.

“With the mercury expected to approach 100F (37.8C) for only the second time in Britain’s history – but also the second time in under three years – researchers said the unusual heat was entirely consistent with predictions of climate change caused by rising emissions of greenhouses gases, such as carbon dioxide (CO2) from power stations,… Read More »

Nude man beats car with pigeon

Two Whaleyville, Va., residents were stunned when a naked man accosted their car in their driveway and began hitting it with their pet pigeon. The couple had just pulled into their driveway Friday night when Juan Lopez, 30, of Virginia Beach, appeared naked and began striking their car with the bird, the Virginian Pilot reported… Read More »