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By | January 21, 2009

This web site is at once brilliant and totally evil:


Based on my symptoms (red spots inside both of my lower eyelids), I may have Endocarditis caused by bacteria or fungi in my blood stream. This may have been caused by tooth bacteria getting into my blood. I did have a thick white discharge in one eye a week ago which went away with anti-biotic eye drops and a course of Azithromycin.


But my cough remains…

I also had some (undercooked?) crab a few days before I started having these symptoms, including the cough which I can’t seem to shake.

What is freaking me out is that the phrase, “And the worms ate into his brain” was going through my head this morning BEFORE I visited this site. I wrote it off as something that only happens after people die. I think it is from a Pink Floyd song. Another weird clue that I may have given myself psychically is that TWO DAYS AGO I posted something about a Crab Claw.  Keep in mind that I had never read the following before today…

In checking my symptoms and correlating the cough with the crab I ate for Chirstmas, I see that I may have Paragonimiasis. It is caused a lung fluke, a parasite which can eat into your brain. I had a fever, cough, spitting up blood and rust colored sputum, all of which fit. I may need the drug Praziquantel, which has some life-theatening side effects.

Superstitiously, I relate this to my search for proof of God. The Crab Claw joke was connected to a religious vision and I ate the crab for Christmas. Am I being smited for disbelieving? Am I being given visions and clues which defy coincidence?

God, I love crab and I eat a lot, but I don’t think I’ll ever eat another one again after reading this.

Perhaps the whole thing is paranoia not a parasite.

See what I mean about this being an evil web site?

Doctor’s appointment today. They are usually good at giving me the tests I request. I’ll ask for a blood test to check for bacteria and fungi, and also a test for the parasite… which is hard to detect even with tests.

Update: The Christmas crab I ate came to Safeway from Fort Bragg, CA. It comes in already cooked, so that should have killed any flukes. I’ll double check that with the people in Fort Bragg. Another odd connection to my life is there … nevermind, I’m just being superstitious again.

My doc says he’d have to send away to the UK to test for something like Paragonimiasis and it might cost me several hundred dollars. Would I pay that much just to find out I didn’t have it, he asked? Yes, if there are real reasons to think that I might have a fluke.   For now, however,  blood tests and chest x-rays.  Plus, I’m supposed to stay in bed for three more days, sleep and drink a lot.

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