Swine flu spreads in Britain

By | July 27, 2009

British health officials reported 100,000 new cases of swine flu in the country in the week ending July 17, double the number the week before.

The country has reported more cases of flu caused by the H1N1 virus than any other except the United States and Mexico, The Times of London reported Saturday. British officials worry the country could run out of beds in hospital intensive-care wards if the disease continues to spread this winter.

The country has begun screening incoming passengers at Heathrow International Airport for symptoms of swine flu. At least 160 British citizens were in quarantine in China, Singapore, India and Egypt because of swine flu fears.

Pharmacies have been reporting a run on surgical masks and other supplies, CNN reported. One pharmacy said a six-month supply of masks was snapped up in three days.

“People are very panicked,” an assistant at Zafash Pharmacy in southwest London said. “That’s why everyone is running for thermometers, surgical masks and anti-bacterial gels.”

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One thought on “Swine flu spreads in Britain

  1. Sepp

    The huge number of cases reported should be seen in light of how diagnosis is done, and how any laboratory confirmation of the swine flu bug in those diagnosed is absent. They don’t even see a doctor. Here is a telling quote from an article in the Telegraph:

    “The phone line is being accompanied by an internet service where people answer a questionnaire to receive a diagnosis of swine flu.

    They will supply their name, address and date of birth either online or to a call centre member of staff before receiving a code.

    This code can then be given to a “flu friend” who will collect the anti-viral Tamiflu from a collection point on the patient’s behalf, using a form of identification from the patient.”


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