Surgeons left metal bar in my head

By | June 9, 2008

Surgeons left a 10cm (4in) metal bar inside a teenager’s head.

Donovan McGowan lived with the piece of metal inside him for three months after an operation. The 18-year-old suffered from blinding headaches and also had an unsightly lump on the side of his head. Eventually, he demanded a scan and it was then doctors found the bar.

They said, “This is quite embarrassing but there is something metallic like a tube still in your head.” It’s been more than embarrassing for me having to walk about with this lump,’ said Mr McGowan, from Glasgow. The rod was left behind during an operation at Southern General Hospital, Glasgow, in March after he was hit by a car.

A hospital spokesman apologised and said it was an ‘unfortunate error’. The ex-football steward, who gave up his job because of the pain, may now seek compensation from the trust. – mt

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