Superman vs. Batman movie

By | September 19, 2008

I guess this is supposed to be before they join the Justice League together with Wonder Woman and Aquaman? Vote for who would win at superman vs batman. Wow, I agree with this David C guy:

Superman would kick batmans ass. This is why. Everyone assumes this is going to be some type of ring match. Anyone with some sense of imagination would realize could come up with a hundred scenerios where superman wins. Here is one. Superman does go rogue. Flies to metropolis, hangs out far above the city and x-rays everything will eventually find batman. Then he just a) uses his eye beams and kills him from a great distance, b) drops a mountain on him, c) knocks a skyscraper over on him, d) thows any high velocity projectile weighing several tons at batman. In no way would batman ever even get close to me if I were Superman.
-David C

But I was shocked that the majority favors the Batman.

Batman 51.1%
Superman 48.9%

13,610 votes cast

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