“Witches” murdered after “trial” in India

By | March 19, 2006

Witches murdered after trial in IndiaThe Dark Ages are trying hard to return. Don’t let them. The unnamed “employees of the Sadharu tea plantation” in India need to be thrown in jail for life as the foul murderers they are. Is there no intelligence in India? No sanity? Beheading witches?! Has history taught us nothing?

“Five members of a family were publicly beheaded in northeast India by employees of a tea plantation for allegedly practicing witchcraft, police said. … The bizarre incident took place at Sadharu tea plantation in the northern Sonitpur district, about 150 miles from Assam’s main city of Guwahati, New Kerala news online said. The report said about 200 tea garden workers assembled Saturday morning and held a trial. It was decided that a local tribal family was guilty of causing a mysterious disease that claimed two plantation workers and affected many more during the past two weeks. … Nearly 200 people were killed in past five years by rural people in Assam for practicing witchcraft and black magic, police records said.” – WASH

I can’t believe this crap. Is India really this stupid? Throw all idiots who think witches have supernatural powers in school, and throw the murders who kill “witches” in jail.

“According to official figures, 2,556 women were branded as witches and killed in India between 1987 and 2003.” – MORE

This is the same India that has had nukes since May 18, 1974. Sadly, the same cruel ignorance exists in Nepal, and Africa (Congo, Tanzia)

How do you end witch hunts? It seems that under the right pressure the local witch doctor or religious leader may trick the masses out of hysteria. For example, “the Devil” could be tricking people into killing the innocent as witches. Salem witch trials wiki:

“The royal appointed governor of Massachusetts, Sir William Phips, disturbed when his wife was accused of witchcraft, ended them by appealing to the Boston-area clergy headed by Increase Mather. In October 3, 1692, Increase Mather published “Cases of Conscience Concerning Evil Spirits.” In it, Increase Mather stated “It were better that Ten Suspected Witches should escape, than that the Innocent Person should be Condemned.”

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