Study Suggests Workspace Reveals Conservative or Liberal Tendencies

By | September 29, 2008

Study Suggests Workspace Reveals Conservative or Liberal Tendencies

The researchers took inventory of five office locations — a commercial real estate agency, an advertising agency, a business school, an architectural firm and a retail bank — all in a large U.S. city. They had observers check out the workspaces of 94 male and female employees. The subjects’ average age was 37. The snoopers had no idea of the workers’ political orientation.

Political orientation was measured with survey questions.

Liberals’ offices were judged as significantly more distinctive, comfortable, stylish, modern, and colorful and as less conventional and ordinary, in comparison with conservatives’ offices, Jost said.

The researchers also sent snoopers into the living spaces of 76 undergraduates at the University of California, Berkeley, arriving at similar results.

“Conservative rooms tended to be cleaner, more brightly lit, better organized, less cluttered, and also more conventional and ordinary in terms of decoration,” Jost said during a panel discussion on “The Neuroscience of Elections and Human Decision-Making” at NYU, adding: “Conservatives’ rooms were rated by independent raters as better organized and tidier in general.”

Specifically, individuals who reported a more conservative ideology also had bedrooms that contained more organizational and cleaning supplies, including calendars, postage stamps, ironing boards and laundry baskets.

Liberals’ rooms on the other hand were marked by more clutter, including more CDs, a greater variety of CDs, a greater variety of books and more color in the room in general. –fox

… and in some cases, the mirrors on the ceiling were a dead giveaway. 😉 But seriously, my work spaces and bedroom does not fit either of these profiles. I must be a real independent. How about you? Does this seem accurate for you?

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