Study: 1 Million Indians Expected to Die from Smoking Annually

By | February 13, 2008

news_13995.jpgOne million people in India will die from tobacco-related illnesses every year in the next decade, a new study revealed Thursday. According to the research conducted by a team of doctors and scientists from India, Canada and Britain, one in five of male deaths and one in 20 of all female deaths between the ages of 30 and 69 will be caused by smoking.�The results we found surprised us, because smokers in India start later in life and smoke fewer cigarettes or �bidis� than those in Europe or America, but the risks are as extreme as in the West,� Prabhat Jha of the Center for Global Health Research at the University of Toronto, lead author of the study said quoted by the Associated Press.Bidi is a locally made product comprising tobacco rolled in the leaf of another plant. The study found that regular smoking of cigarettes was more harmful than regular smoking of bidis. The researchers have calculated that on average, men who smoke bidi lose about six years of life. Source: Eflux

Tobacco is millions of times more deadly than terrorism? Yet we have no Department of Lung Security! Sure, we have the American Lung Association, but how many drones with Hellfire missiles do they have? Not one.

Okay, on the other side I see that if Bush doesn’t get Iraq’s oil tens of millions of Americans may be at risk from starvation or that we may be invaded by another country if we don’t have the resources to protect ourselves.

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