Strange Sighting In The Skies Over The Valley

By | December 19, 2006

Strange Sighting In The Skies Over The Valley

Police were flooded with phone calls Saturday morning after people in the valley thought they saw an unidentified flying object.

It happened around 7 a.m. and could be seen throughout the entire viewing area. People said it looked like a bright object zig-zagging through the sky with a trail of white smoke following behind it.

“I mean it was huge, brighter than the moon,” said Kevin Kuri, who witnessed the object. “It just started going up in all kinds of crazy shapes and got real huge, I mean, it was nuts.”

The FAA confirms the sight was likely the Minotour I rocket launched from Virginia. It is the first launch from the mid-Atlantic region’s spaceport. It didn’t have anything extraterrestrial onboard, just two experimental satellites. – wtov

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