Strange paranormal photos, light beings, orb with a face

By | July 27, 2009

These are probably just someone goofing around with some image/video editing software, but interesting anyway:

Paul shot this video on July 24th. In slow motion there is a depiction of a face shaped orb. Paul has maintained this apparition occurs….this is the first time he was able to capture it on video. … – naturalpl

Looks like someone  blended a face photo into a cloud photo. The associated video shows stills, zooms and a cursor within the video all indicating image manipulation.

Ana Luisa Cid

Ongamira is a valley located 25 kilometers distant from Capilla del Monte, Argentina. It is renowned for its caves and abundant vegetation.

It is also a place of interest to scholars of the paranormal, who claim that “dimensional doorways” exist in the area and that UFOs and luminous beings have been seen there on repeated occasions. And it was precisely here in Ongamira that this photo was taken, sent to me by Pablo Dessy, who says it was given to him by a friend who lives in the region.

In fact, we know very little about this photo. We do not know the date on which it was taken, or the name of the photographer who — supposedly — pointed his camera toward the cave and was not aware of the phenomenon at the time.

According to Pablo, a male and female entity are visible.

Technical data: According to the EXIF file, the photo was modified on 23 August 2008 with Photoshop. We do not know if this modification is a sign of digital trickery or if the software in question was employed for other purposes (clipping, enlarging, enhancing, etc.)

For this reason, the question remains open: are there beings of light in Ongamira?

Interesting effect.

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