Strange Muscle Cramps

By | November 7, 2012

Strange Muscle CrampsWeird, I just got a charlie horse in the muscle under my jawbone. I’ve never had one there before. I also had one this morning in a muscle over my ribcage and I’ve been having a general feeling of uneasiness in my chest as well. Doing some sprints seemed to help. I’ve been drinking a lot but I do feel dehydrated.

Muscle cramps are sudden, involuntary contractions or spasms in one or more of your muscles. They often occur after exercise or at night, lasting a few seconds to several minutes. It is a very common muscle problem. Muscle cramps can be caused by nerves that malfunction. Sometimes this malfunction is due to a health problem, such as a spinal cord injury or a pinched nerve in the neck or back. Other causes are Straining or overusing a muscle,  Dehydration, A lack of minerals in your diet or the depletion of minerals in your body, Not enough blood getting to your muscles

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Ah, I may be low on Magnesium. (Although I took a multi-vitamin this morning).

Are you suffering from anxiety? Having muscle spasms or cramping? Having trouble getting to sleep or staying asleep? You are not alone. In fact, 70% of Americans are not getting enough of this essential mineral and only 20% of Americans are getting even half of their daily value. What is this mineral? Magnesium! Magnesium is essential for a properly functioning nervous system including nerve conduction and electrolyte balances. Magnesium is also necessary for proper muscle function as it’s the body’s natural muscle relaxant. Low magnesium has also been associated with personality changes and depression. Magnesium is responsible for over 300 enzyme reactions in the body and is also needed for proper blood coagulation, energy production, bone and cell formation, and nutrient absorption.

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Time to get some pumpkin or sunflower seeds to snack on. Cashews worked. Love this Internet thing. 😉

4 thoughts on “Strange Muscle Cramps

  1. Fred Killer

    Stretching is an effective way to prevent cramping, especially in the calves.

    You are of course being crop dusted by your trusty government though.

    1. Xeno Post author

      If you only want to stretch the skeletal muscles, there are over 600 of those, but I also stretch each of the 5 million muscles that control my hair follicles (each hair has a muscle) and also each of the 2 billion precapillary sphincter muscles (each capillary has a muscle before it branches off). At a rate of about one muscle per minute this stretching only takes me 3,814 years.

      But when I want to take the 5 minute shortcut after random muscle cramps in muscles that I did even know I had, I go for the cashews.

  2. Hortensia Reichenbach

    Muscle cramps are temporary contractions of the muscles and they usually appear during physical effort. The sensation is similar to the one you have when you feel a strong, involuntary tightening of the muscle group that you can’t control any more. There are many causes which bring about cramps, but they happen most often because of insufficient warming up before training. Good and correct warming up has two stages: the general one (cardio), for increasing the body temperature (running, cycling, etc.) and the specific one, during which the main joints and groups of muscles which will be involved in training are warmed up. It is enough not to give, from different reasons (rush, superficiality, ignorance), the necessary time or importance to one of these stages, and cramps can become a current phenomenon.’

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  3. Thomas Fortschifa

    Muscle cramps can be easily prevented. It’s not common that many people follow a strict diet; getting enough fruits and vegetables for each day. Therefore, it is essential that you exercise while trying to compensate for the lack of vitamins. A simple banana will help keep cramps away. Also, when you exercise, it is important to stretch after you are done so your muscles don’t tighten up. A warm up jog or walk will move the lactic acid around in your body which also keeps cramps away. If you are an active person or just get cramps a lot, I recommend applying Cramp911 which is a lotion and keeps cramps from happening. I use it before strenuous workouts and have not had a problem. You might want to check it out.

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